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Seminar on planting the plantations of cultivated pistachio

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Seminar on planting the plantations of cultivated pistachio
On the 20th of August, 2010 in the framework of the GEF SGP project, a regular training seminar was held under the initiative of the Republican Research and Production Center for Decorative Gardening and Forestry (RRPC DGF). This time the seminar took place in the territory of Gallya Aral pistachio reserve – yeah, we have this type of nursery and it is really treasure of Uzbekistan.

We were met by the Director of the territory Abdulla-aka. Farmers from Jizzakh province, staff of various forestries and farmers from other neighboring provinces, who were invited by Farmers’ Association of Uzbekistan, came to the nursery. All those who were interested gathered there. It should be said at once that it was one of the most memorable training seminars.

It was very hot. There was warm water which couldn’t slake one’s thirst and some other colorful substance on the table. But the stories of the specialists from the Center of Forestry who participate in the project – Galina Mikhailovna Chernova (Miss Pistachio), Lyutsian Viktorovich Nikolyai, Timur Tulyaganov and Elizaveta Azimova, have fought it down. Everyone was very interested in it. A lot of questions were asked. And the specialists told not just about how it is wonderful to have pistachio but about real practical advice on growing pistachio. Every participant got a brochure which was prepared for publication. Although it is a preliminary version, but still.

Bastamkul Saidkulov – a manager of our project also made a speech for the participants. It is important that information is transferred to the people not only by specialists but also by the neighbors within the territory, similar land users who have tested this or that method by themselves. In this case there is more trust.

After the festive plov, all participants went to the territory of the nursery. There the specialists of the Center showed how one should inoculate pistachio, struggle with illnesses, take care of them and other important “stuff”.

I take the word “stuff” into inverted commas intentionally because in fact it is not “stuff”. Our life consists of such “stuff”. If a person got to know how one should protect the tree from small insects and water it properly, he/she would finally grow the tree. Then it will bring some profit, he/she will live better, maybe this money will be spent on children’s education and the whole family will live better, so it means that everyone feels better. The more we have such people in the country, the calmer and stable the situation in the country is, both from the economic and social point of view. And it is good for nature too. The “butterfly effect” is everywhere. And if we do not know about such stuff, many things will be other way. This is a bit exaggerated view on the little nothings of life Therefore, knowledge is the main capital of human well-being. So we try to spread such practical knowledge as far as possible.

If you are interested, keep an eye on our project.

Sunset in Djizzakh

Pistachio plantation in Gallyaral

Galina Mikhaylovna is explaining

During the practices

People gathered round the specialists

People gathered round Galina Mikhaylovna

In the nursery near the trees

At the table during the seminar

It's hot but they are still listening

And ask questions

Everyone is interested, both men and women

One farmers to another

It's hot

Director of the nursery around listeners

Specialist during the explanation

Welcoming speech was given to...

They are gathering for the seminar

Road to the seminar


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