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Read our last newsletter – the 2nd issue

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Read our last newsletter – the 2nd issue

We have good news. We have issued the second newsletter where you can learn about our progress.

In this issue we tried to show what economic benefits could be brought to people by technologies and practices of sustainable use of natural resources, which were demonstrated by our projects. The GEF SGP in Uzbekistan is trying to show the approaches of the nature conservation not from the ordinary point of view - not in terms of value for nature conservation, although that is what we ultimately want to achieve finally, but how introduced technologies could help people, how they benefit people, what real pros they will give to people. After all, the benefits for themselves attract people and help to spread environmental technologies. When it is beneficial to people, they want to adopt new and innovative approaches in natural resources management.

So, read, learn, spread technologies which conserve the nature.

Download newsletter (Attention! The file size is 7MB)


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