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Competition for Kashkadarya province on adaptation to climate change

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The Global Environment Facility’s Small Grants Programme (GEF SGP) is announcing a competition for project proposals on adaptation to climate change in Kashkadarya region. Why in Kashkadarya? There is a partner who is willing to give funds for projects on this theme in this area if there are good project ideas.


Projects being submitted shall meet the following requirements:

The project must show good practices of using the land and/or water resources which can help people to sustain hot weather conditions and water shortage due to climate change. In other words, demonstrated practice should show all the people living in Kashkadarya how they can maintain or increase their income and improve nature (ecosystem) in the conditions when it is hotter and less water. Please, see examples of possible projects below.
Projects must demonstrate practice and train the people around how they can repeat it themselves.

Projects must be carried out in Kashkadarya. This area was selected as pilot for the projects on adaptation to climate change.

Projects must be submitted on behalf of rural communities in Kashkadarya.

Projects must have clear benefits for local people in Kashkadarya (farmers, peasants etc.)
Submitted projects must demonstrate that at least 50% of the project is covered from other funding sources. Co-financing can be done both in kind (materials, labor, etc.), and in cash.

The amount of requested grant must not exceed 30 thousand dollars. Preference will be given to those projects that demonstrate the use of resources at the lowest cost, but with greater efficiency. In other words, the cheaper and more effective the practice, the more chances that it will be approved for a grant.

The project should be completed within 1 year.

The GEF SGP procedures and forms will be used for submission of project applications. The GEF SGP provides assistance in preparing applications. Before you start filling in the application, applicants may simply send the concept in 1-2 pages.

Deadline for accepting the project concepts - December 31, 2011.

For all questions contact: Alexey Volkov

E-mail: alexey.volkov @
Phone: + 998 97 336 62 41 (mobile)
+ 998 71 120 34 62 (work number)

Submitted projects can copy the best practices that have been demonstrated to the GEF SGP or other partners in other areas of the country or in neighboring countries.

Possible practices might be (might be, but not necessarily!) on:
  • demonstration of zero tillage, which increases the moisture content in the soil, reduces the need for irrigation, improves soil fertility, and provides additional benefits to farmers;
  • demonstration and implementation of low-cost drip irrigation methods;
  • demonstration of planting drought-resistant local plants (pistachios, almonds, etc.) which do not require watering, and bring large, long-term income;
  • collection of water for later use in irrigation;
  • planting of vegetation, which prevents dangerous phenomena, dependent on climate (mudflows, landslides), and provides income;
  • planting of woody vegetation for use as fuel and building timber;
  • prevention of cutting the vegetation due to the introduction of efficient energy installations (such as biogas installations for individual households, energy-efficient ovens, etc.);
  • improvement of the efficiency of irrigation techniques;
  • improvement of the efficiency of land use, thereby reducing use of water without losing the crop;
  • improvement of pastures management and their reclamations;
  • any other projects that will allow residents to be prepared better for the deteriorating conditions of a hotter climate and lack of water, to keep a balance in the ecosystem and to generate income.


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