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How to lift the water up the hill without spending a single drop of fuel

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From long ago we wanted to share with the people living in rural areas, how to get water for irrigation from the canal, without using diesel or electric pumps, that require fuel, with which we have shortage recently and it is also expensive.

The idea was born during my visit to Kyrgyzstan, where I studied the experience of the GEF SGP in Kyrgyzstan. On one of the canals I saw charhpalak. But it was not an ordinary charpalak but a modernized one. A usual charhpalak lifts water from the canal just till the level of the ground in order to water the field, which is in immediate proximity to the canal with water and which is at the level of or below charhpalak. A spiral charhpalak (as we called it) can raise the water above the water level.

Photo of charhpalak in Kyrgyzstan

How does this happen? An ordinary plastic hose is rolled on charhpalak. The hose goes into the axial tube. Then it goes into the hose that goes to the field. But the most interesting is the following: how many meters of hose are rolled on charhpalak, to such a height the water can be raised. In other words, if you need to lift water up to carry out watering of plantings on the slope, from the canal, which is below the slope, you will need to calculate the height, make a charhpalak, and you will have water.

From very long ago we wanted to show such technology to farmers in Uzbekistan, but nobody wanted to try it. Finally we found a man who was able to implement it. The initiators of the idea were our 2 volunteers - Taras Jukanin and Bahrom Karabaev. The "locomotive" of implementation was Rustam Khudoyberdiev, Deputy Chairman of Surkhandarya regional branch of the Farmers Association of Uzbekistan and the farmer of Sherebad area of Surkhandarya region - Khusnutdin Khalmamatov. The GEF SGP gave only $ 200 and the farmer invested his 300 000 sum. Total amount is about 350 cu. In order to know what came out of it, I think it will be better to look at the photos and comments.

Soon we will post the drawing so that everyone could make a charhpalak himself/herself. This charhpalak can be used not only for irrigation of hills, but also for watering the fields, where water can go through pipes, without loss to infiltration into the soil, or for other use of water. Imagine how many diesel pumps and electric pumps across the country can be avoided? This pump is works simply owing to the movement of water. So much money could be saved by farmers! So much emission to the atmosphere from fuel combustion can be prevented!


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