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Troutbreeding in Uzbekistan. Practical recommendations for farmers.

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Trout is a new area of fishery for our republic – a cold-water fish which can be bred in foothill and mountain areas. This publication introduces readers of Uzbekistan with a new promising activity - a cultivation of a rainbow trout. The manual presents the fundamentals of the trout breeding, a biology of the rainbow trout, its major hatcheries cycles (breeding, rearing of youngs and marketable fish, feeding, etc.).

The manual is prepared specifically for the geographical and socio-economic conditions of Uzbekistan and is designed for farmers. The farmers, who decide to grow the trout, can create a farm and learn the basics of this profitable type of agribusiness by following the recommendations of this manual.

The manual also includes a lot of useful information for biology students and also for their teachers. We hope that the guide will be interesting for a wide audience - fans of the water world, fishing and nature.

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