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The 6-th issue of the newsletter of the GEF SGP in Uzbekistan

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The 6-th issue of the newsletter of the GEF SGP in Uzbekistan

Dear friends,

The Global Environment Facility’s Small Grants Programme in Uzbekistan, has the honor to present to your attention and of our partners another issue of the GEF SGP newsletter. In this edition, readers can acquaint themselves with materials revealing the growing problem of soil degradation, its causes and learn about ways to solve this problem. In one of the articles, the farmer from Crimea Draganchuk Michael talks about his personal experience of long-term use of zero tillage technology on his own farm lands. Further, we talk about interesting results of the GEF SGP project, which tested a practice of desert lands rehabilitation with 60 hectares of desert restored through planting of desert plants. Those who are interested in biogas technology can learn how to find funding opportunities in this sector. And as usual, we share our news and talk a bit about plans of the GEF SGP in the future.

We are always happy to welcome initiatives of local communities and national partners, as well as any involvement on their part in the GEF SGP projects.

We would be grateful for your assistance in distributing the materials of this newsletter.

Enjoy reading


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