GEF Small Grants Programme, Программа малых грантов в Узбекистане


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Zarafshan nursery

A felling in the nursery

After fire

Deepening of the river channel

Guys during the work

A.Korshikov and V.Efanov feed a fawn named Muha

A spotty horned Bukhara deer

A long-eared owl during the day

A buffalo of Bukhara deer

A boggy meadow

A night heron during hunt

A showdown between cocks of Zarafshan pheasants

Water and marsh biotope

A sea buckthorn

Female of stepe spider is protecting its posterity

Males during the battle for the right to extent the deer stock

Baby bird of long-eared owl

Morels in spring

A hobby

Caspian terns, shovelers and teals are whistlers

A hoopoe

A white-winged woodpecker

A view to the tugai forest from the bed of Zarafshan river