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In Syrdarya region, in Bayaut area there is a secondary school №19, which wants to try to solve the problem with heating. Many schools across the country are facing such problem. Until recently, the school had its own boiler room. But the lack of electricity has led to the fact that the circulation pump, which helped circulate hot water through the pipes of the heating system of the school, stopped working. To somehow solve the problem the school had established 9 separate, small boilers, which had a small "loop" and heated several classrooms. Such boilers do not require a circulating pump. However, rural schools are often fueled by coal. Small boilers consume much more fuel. Furthermore, our coal is low-calorie with a high content of the waste. More than 60% of the coal supplied is just dust. This leads to the fact that the school simply did not have enough fuel to achieve optimum temperature indoors in winter.

The school management wants to solve the problem and show other schools how it can be solved independently. The project will implement the followings:

  1. Try to collect at the lessons of labor their own solar collectors to heat water from the sun to help heat the room. Solar collectors will heat water, which then heats up to the available sources of heating. Such water heating by the sun will save fuel.
  2. Calculate how much it will save fuel by using solar collectors.
  3. Insulate the roof of school with "lambaz"(special coverage) to reduce heat loss.
  4. Try to establish a co-generator for heating circuit and look at the results of this co-generator for the possible spread of it to other schools in the country.
  5. Set briquette machine for the production of heating briquettes from biomass at the lessons of labor, to obtain additional fuel for heating schools.
  6. Analyze the results and share them with heads of other schools of the region and the country.



Maybe this project will help to find an appropriate solution for heating schools.

To carry out all tasks, the school needs volunteers who:

a) Will be able to find an acceptable solution for the self-assembly of solar collectors from scrap materials. It is necessary to find an option, that would let the students use them and master themselves at the lessons of labor reservoir, that would really work for our conditions.

b) Will teach students and teachers together to collect such collectors and install them in school.

c) Will monitor the work of collectors assembled and installed in different ways to obtain reliable results, and to determine which ones are helping to heat the school and which ones are not.

What is expected from volunteers?

The desire to help. We hope to find people who are willing and able to help the society in which they live.

The ability and willingness to think and work for the welfare of children. Not only the children of the school who will study in the heat, will benefit from this. If we get a positive result from the school, it will serve as an example for many other schools. Of course, you will need to have an elementary logical thinking and the ability to operate with tools.

The ability and willingness to travel occasionally to Syrdarya region and live there for some time, will be necessary in order to achieve these objectives. The costs of transportation and accommodation in Syrdarya region will be covered by the project. You might need to stay with the school families while living in the village.

If you're the kind of person whose portrait we have described above, please contact us. All necessary information you can get by calling us: + 998 71 120 34 50 (complement. 145), 120 34 62 or send us an email:

Dear volunteers, we urgently need your help. So do not hesitate to call or write.

P.S. Please share this announcement with friends who care about and know what social responsibility is.



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