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Clear TRUTH about CLEAR energy

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Clear TRUTH about CLEAR energy

Today in our column we will tell you how on a mystical day (10.10.10) the team of “Promoting of small-scale alternative and energy-efficient technologies among the rural population of Uzbekistan” (further called tenderly and briefly PSAETARPU in order to “lighten” our articles) came out and showed its paces. Are you ready? Aren’t you afraid to know what happened in the park named after Gafur Gulom on that strange day? Then read about it…

So, two crazy inventors from PSAETARPU project took out their unusual energy efficient installations on the central path of the park, dusted them carefully and began peer at the passersby. They were waiting for those who would like to drink tea with them, prepared with the help of solar stove of parabolic type, we had written about recently! They were waiting impatiently because that day they had a lot of competitors –a dragon flying not far from them and blowing up balloons with the help of biogas, a donkey-looking hare which was jumping near the green Shrek and inviting to become a member of Green fellows and in addition to all this, that Smart chair…

But in spite of wild competition, people were coming up to the guys of the project. Some of them were interested with the water boiling in the kettle and others could not yield to temptation of making their own fuel brick with the help of the press. During that process you could rummage or even bathe in the pleasant mix of water and sawdust, out of which a fuel brick was being made.

That day many people listened stories of the crazy inventors about micro hydropower station with interest, which can give you energy just from nowhere, or rather with the help of water. Isn’t it magic? That's it - the magic of falling water!

But unfortunately, nobody drank tea which was prepared on the solar stove. Maybe they were afraid that after drinking a sip they would turn into green people who were walking nicely along the park on that day or something else… but our inventors were not upset; they were pleased with the people’s interest to their installations. They shared their schemes with a lot of people, with the help of which one can make the installations and gave interviews to television reporters passing by.

So what was the secret of such popularity of these guys on that day?
It is because they told a clear TRUTH about CLEAR energy!!!

Aleksandra Povarich
PR Specialist of PSAETARPU Project
Read other news about the project on the web site of Youth Ecology Network of Uzbekistan.

If you are interested in the concept of the PSAETARPU project, you want to share your ideas or may be help, then just write us:
Yuriy Moon –
Valentin Soldatov –
Aleksandra Povarich –

Volunteers during the work near one of the stands

This is taxi

A teakettle is boiling

Kids like to dig

Team 350

Andrey Maleev - a windows' insulator

Various Shreks and Fionas

Park visitors are planting the trees...

The main thing is to teach people how to do it properly

Chidlren during the process of one of the contests


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