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Publications on Biodiversity

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Infographics: The value of the forest and its assessment

Infographics on the forest from our partner - FAO Representation in Uzbekistan...
Tags: forest, forest vegetation of Uzbekistan, forest cover, wood products, non-timber products
The 6-th issue of the newsletter of the GEF SGP in Uzbekistan

The Global Environment Facility’s Small Grants Programme in Uzbekistan, is presenting the 6th edition of its newsletter. This issue focuses on various aspects of soil conservation and rehabilitation, the need to invest in natural capital and its sustainable use.  ...
Tags: GEF Small Grants Programme, GEF, UNDP, land, energy, biodiversity, zero tillage, conservation tillage, land rehabilitation, renewable energy, agricultural technology, agro innovations, farmers

This publication includes infographics on innovative technologies in sustainable agriculture, which impact both economic and environmental outcomes....
Tags: inforgrafikcs, GEF SGP, innovative technologies in agriculture, energy, land, soil, biodiversity, environmental innovations

The Environmental Atlas of Uzbekistan is an attempt to present the most significant environmental variables for the country under one cover and link those to the geographical location. It is a spin-off of the major project, Environmental Indicators of Uzbekistan, which has managed to bring together 91 environmental indicators as time series (sometimes going all the way back to the Soviet period) in a GIS-enabled database....
Tags: Biodiversity, land degradation, climate change, adaptation to climate change
Troutbreeding in Uzbekistan. Practical recommendations for farmers.

Trout is a new area of fishery for our republic – a cold-water fish which can be bred in foothill and mountain areas. This publication introduces readers of Uzbekistan with a new promising activity - a cultivation of a rainbow trout. The manual presents the fundamentals of the trout breeding, a biology of the rainbow trout, its major hatcheries cycles (breeding, rearing of youngs and marketable fish, feeding, etc.). The manual is prepared specifically for the geographical and socio-economic conditions of Uzbekistan and is designed for farmers. The farmers, who decide to grow th...
"Beekeeping for dummies". A manual

GEF Small Grants Programme in Uzbekistan within the framework of the project “Development of beekeeping in Parkent district as a way of demonstrating the economic importance of environmental services” has prepared a brochure "Beepeeping for dummies". This brochure is a practical manual for beekeepers-beginners. It is a guide for those, who thinks seriously to breed a couple of bee families in the garden or vacation house but does not know how to start it up. All necessary information is presented in this book in a simple and understandable form. ...
Abiotechnology of indigofera tinctoria L. on the saline land of Aral sea basin

The possibility of cultivation of Indigofera tinctoria L. plants in ecologically degraded and saline lands of the Aral Sea Basin was studied. A new salt-resistant Indigofera plant variety “Feruz-1” was producing by the classic methods of genetics and modern biotechnology. Agro-technology of cultivation as main and secondary culture after wheat was developed and recommended to th...