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Publications on energy and climate change

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The 6-th issue of the newsletter of the GEF SGP in Uzbekistan

The Global Environment Facility’s Small Grants Programme in Uzbekistan, is presenting the 6th edition of its newsletter. This issue focuses on various aspects of soil conservation and rehabilitation, the need to invest in natural capital and its sustainable use.  ...
Tags: GEF Small Grants Programme, GEF, UNDP, land, energy, biodiversity, zero tillage, conservation tillage, land rehabilitation, renewable energy, agricultural technology, agro innovations, farmers
Practical Guideline for Сold Storage

"Practical Guideline for Products Сold Storage" is developed for farmers and everyone who is interested in storing fruits and vegetables in cold rooms. ...

This publication includes infographics on innovative technologies in sustainable agriculture, which impact both economic and environmental outcomes....
Tags: inforgrafikcs, GEF SGP, innovative technologies in agriculture, energy, land, soil, biodiversity, environmental innovations
“SEVEN STEPS for independent use of laser equipment when planning the irrigated lands”. A practical guide for farmers.

This product is the result of the joint UNDP project "Climate Risk Management in Uzbekistan" and the GEF SGP in Uzbekistan. The manual is intended for farmers and other agricultural producers. The manual presents step by step guidance for self-use of laser equipment starting from a configuration test to a practical use when planning a land. The manual contains photos that show the equipment and accessories and every activity on preparation of the equipment for operation.  ...
How to build micro hydro station - Instruction

This instruction gives a clear but simple description of how to build a micro hydro station. Such station can produce electricity from the energy of falling water. This instruction is prepared by the project in mountain village Chosh of Surkhandarya region. They have such station that energizes the work of the mill. And what can it do on your territory? As usual, we kindly ask you to help us in promotion of this information among people who could be interested in it – your friends, parents and acquitants who live in rural area. It is very important....
Lets make alternative together

It is the name of a brochure-instruction, prepared by our project. In this brochure you will find a clear and detailed description of the scheme for making  a briquette press, a solar oven of 2 types, energy efficient oven for heating your home, micro hydro station, how to insulate windows and how to compost waste.  ...