GEF Small Grants Programme, Программа малых грантов в Узбекистане


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About the Programme

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About the Programme

The Global Environment Facility Small Grants Programme (the GEF SGP) started its activity in 1992 and presently is being implemented in 101 countries around the globe. In Uzbekistan GEF SGP commenced its activity since the beginning of the current year only. The programme’s title speaks for itself. The key words of the programme’s title are: Grant – the programme provides grants, that is gratis financial support Small grant – the programme provides small grants, thus, it is oriented towards NOT full-scale projects and...
Our partners

In this block we will give information about all our partners which activity is aimed to preserve the nature in one or another way, i.e. is useful for the activity we do. Here they are: State Committee for Nature Protection of the Republic of Uzbekistan ...
Our team