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In this block we will give information about all our partners which activity is aimed to preserve the nature in one or another way, i.e. is useful for the activity we do. Here they are:

State Committee for Nature Protection of the Republic of Uzbekistan

altThe main institution which is responsible for preservation of the environment. Exactly State Committee for Nature Protection is aimed to control, so that all including ministries and authorities, business structures and citizens fulfill the national legislation in the field of nature protection and rational use of the environment.

State Committee for Nature Protection has a very strong status from the juridicial point of view, the Committee is under the Ministry, i.e. is not take down the branch of the executive power but Oliy Majlis (the Parlament) of the Republic – the legislative branch of power. According to the legislative idea it should ensure the situation when Committee is able to control and check all other Ministries so that they carry out the legislation in the environment sector. It was done for the Minsitry which couldn’t ignore the standards in the sector of environment protection for the sake of other interests – for example for the sake of the interest development any field of economy to the prejudice of the nature. Our legislation is very powerful in this respect.

State Committee for Nature Protection has its own website - www.uznature.uz and we are proud of our partnership with this Committee with which we are in close contact. For instance, we have a joint project for the improvement of the work by Eco center Djeyran, which is also under the State Committee for Nature Protection. It is planning the project for preservation biodiversity in Gissar reserve. Currently, the State Committee for Nature Protection is organizing the celebration of the June 5th where the GEF SGP is actively helping and is one of the main partners.  

Center of hydrometeo service under the Cabinet Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan (Uzhymet)

The centre of hydrometeo service (Uzhymet) is an agency of State Administration which is assigned to solve the issues in hydrometeorology and in Republic of Uzbekistan. But the main reason that Uzhymet  is our strategic partner is that this organization is a focal point for coordinating of 2 UN conventions – Framework convention on climate change and UN Convention to Combat Desertification and Land Degradation. GEF is a financial mechanism of these two conventions and these are two of three areas in which GEF SGP in Uzbekistan is working.

More detailed information about Uzhydromet you can find on its official website here.

There is another one on climate change -  http://www.climate.uz/ru/
The GEF SGP is working very productively with Uzhymet. Representative of Uzhymet is our NSC member. Different arrangements are conducted under joint initiative. For instance, a seminar on adaptation of local communities to climate change. We often use Uzhymet specialists for consulting within the GEF SGP projects implementation. Some staff of the centre are even the managers of the GEF SGP projects. For instance, the project on biogas technologies in Syrdarya region.

"KRASS" Khorezm Rural Advisory Support Service


Goal/Mission of KRASS

"Khorezm Rural Advisory Support Service" is a self-governing, independent, non-governmental, not-for-profit and non-political organization, based on voluntary membership of practitioners, researchers, and other specialists sharing common ideas and interests.

To contribute to improvement of rural livelihoods, poverty alleviation and increasing long-term food security and environmental sustainability in rural Uzbekistan through agricultural support services


► to promote rational use of land and water resources for sustainable development and mitigation of environmental problems by disseminating innovative, modern and improved agricultural and irrigation methods and techniques;

► to increase the agricultural knowledge and skills of the farming population and the youth of rural Uzbekistan;

► to promote the development of science and technologies and contribute to the development and management of such information;
► to promote small scale private (agro) business undertakings;


► Elaborating farm development and farm business plans;
► Training of agricultural extension staff and agricultural advisers, farmers;
► Establishment of community based agricultural service centers, WUAs;
► Conducting seminars, workshops, training, exhibitions, conferences on agricultural/farming/ecological topics;
► Preparation and circulation of extension aid materials (handouts, bulletins, booklets, prospects, etc.);
► Setting up a library and data base on ecology/agriculture;
► Environmental assessment (lab analysis);
► Logistic support to research and development activities;
► Consultation and technical assistance on educational programs abroad;
► Cooperation with development projects;
► Arrangement of farmer-processors cooperation.

Below for your attention given the information brochure KRASS:

alt - Download the brochure


“Green energy” manufacturing companies

The company “Intellekt-Dialog” is a manufacturer of the wind and other alternative energy based installations.

If you have a permanent wind in your locality, you just were told by God to install the wind generator that will produce electricity. You will not depend on anybody and you will have a constant current source.
Potential use:

supply the work of the pump in distant regions;
transmitting stations of mobile operators;
stations, which need constant, uninterruptible power supply for the work of any devices;
energy supply of dwellings that are not connected to a public network;
and much, much more.


It should be said that the specifications of the produced wind heads have nothing on their foreign counterparts, and even exceed them. The company manufactures wind turbines with capacity of 1 kW. The details you can specify from the company representatives.

Contact phone:

+ 998 90 352 44 52 – Sergei Ivanovich

+ 998 90 186 45 53 – Alexey

E-mail: intellekt-dialog@inbox.uz 



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