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Frequently asked questions

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Frequently asked questions

What are the GEF SGP activity lines?

The GEF SGP is aimed at:

  • preservation of biological diversity – takes actions so that in Uzbekistan wild animal species, valuable plants, and diverse ecosystems are preserved as much as possible;
  • reduction of emissions of gases issued during carbonic fuel burning (greenhouse gases);

prevention of land degradation and restoration of its qualities where needed.
We will consider any project ideas that will promote achieving these objectives.

How does the GEF SGP work?

The GEF SGP provides financial aid in the form of grant for implementation of projects aimed at creating benefits for nature. Grant is aid provided free of charge and irretrievably.

Who can apply to the GEF SGP for grant?

Organizations only can apply. Individuals are not eligible to apply for the GEF SGP grant. Moreover, an organization shall be non-profit, i.e. to be non-commercial in accordance with current legislation. Also the organization cannot be part of the government, i.e. it has to be non-government. Examples of organizations that can apply to GEF SGP for grants can be mahallas, village councils, property owners’ partnerships, farmers’ or water users’ associations or other kind of associations, NGOs, academic structures, etc.

The GEF SGP in Uzbekistan identifies NGO as follows:

Non-government non-profit organization – is a legal entity possessing certificate of state registration, title, bank account, and identification number of tax payer (INN) and not primarily aimed at earning income and not distributing received financial and other inflows among its founders, not pursuing political and/or religious goals and expressing/presenting the opinion of certain target group(s).
What maximum grant amount can be provided by the GEF SGP?

Maximum grant amount equals USD 50,000 payable in national currency.

Can the GEF SGP finance the entire project amount?

No, the GEF SGP can only finance part of the project not exceeding 50% of its total amount. The GEF SGP grant aid shall serve as additional financing to the pre-arranged applicant’s resources. However, applicant may provide its contribution in in-kind form. Applicant may contribute materials (pipes, wood, metal, etc.), own machinery exploitation (tractor, car, pump, etc.), own labor and labor of other community members. Alternatively, applicant may provide own financial resources.

Why doesn’t the GEF SGP finance projects fully?

The GEF SGP is entirely aimed at creating benefits for nature. Out of this comes the principle to finance only the part of expenses that will result in benefits for nature. For example, farmers’ association at some location is going to purchase ordinary harrow and seeder for soil cultivation and plans to spend 20 million soum for this purchase. This machinery is planned to be used for deep plugging, which is very harmful for soil quality. However, there are alternative methods of soil cultivation that are not as harmful – for example, null plugging. Null plugging, in its turn, requires more expensive equipment – let’s say it costs 32 million soum. But farmers only have 20 millions and the association will most probably buy ordinary machinery for deep plugging because it is cheaper. But by adding 12 million soum farmers will be able to buy equipment that will create benefits for environment via soil quality preservation. The GEF SGP can provide those 12 million soum. In other words, the GEF SGP buys benefits for nature for 12 million soum. What are those benefits? Farmers will now use equipment for soil cultivation that is both profitable for them and conserves soil in healthy and fertile condition. And this is good for nature. The total project amount will be in this case 32 million soum, of which 20 million will be spent by farmers and 12 million will be provided by the GEF SGP as grant.

Is there any specific application form to apply for the GEF SGP grant?

Yes, there is such form. It can be found in "Procedures" section, "Development" sub-section, or through the GEF SGP team. Besides, the forms will be distributed via all UNDP projects ongoing in the country regions.

How to contact the GEF SGP team?

The GEF SGP team at present consists of 3 people:

Alexey Volkov – GEF SGP National Coordinator

Tel. in Tashkent: 120 34 50; 120 61 67; or 120 34 62

Mobile: + (998 93) 381 00 82 (Ucell)


Jamshid Maksumov – GEF SGP Assistant

Tel. in Tashkent: 120 34 50; 120 61 67

Mobile: + (998 93) 500 43 00 (Ucell)


Maksad Bauetdinov – GEF SGP PR Assistant

Tel. in Tashkent: 120 34 50; 120 61 67

Mobile: + (998 93) 501 52 21



Are there any clearly defined procedures of applying to the GEF SGP?

Yes, there are such procedures. For information on procedures please see Procedures section or address the GEF SGP team and we will forward you this information by e-mail. The information can be also communicated through ordinary mail. We also plan to distribute information on the GEF SGP and its procedures via hokimiyats, farmers’ associations, and women’s committees. In any case, it is recommended that you contact the GEF SGP team first for advice.

Does the GEF SGP have clear focus or it will help any initiatives that are in some way related to environment?

Unfortunately, the Programme cannot cover all aspects and help everyone. That is why it is clearly focused. Below are the Programme’s objectives that were selected:

On Biodiversity

  • To work with protected areas’ personnel and people residing in their neighborhood and other locations that are important habitats of biological species in order to reduce pressures on such territories caused by human activities;
  • To restore degraded ecosystems and their functions;
  • To implement and develop economic activities, which are more environment-friendly comparing to presently existing ones.

On climate change

  • To demonstrate the most efficient ways of energy consumption;
  • To demonstrate how the energy can be self-generated using alternative approaches that are not widely spread as of now;
  • To demonstrate how to adapt life and economic activities so that climate change does not negatively affect people’s life.

On prevention of land degradation

  • To conduct activities demonstrating alternative ways and approaches to land cultivation that are friendly to land and water and at the same time bring equal or even greater benefits to people;
  • To demonstrate how to breed cattle and benefit from it without harming the pastures in use.

On rising public awareness in the issues of environment conservation

To work on improving knowledge, understanding and skills of population that will allow treating nature in more careful way.


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