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Project application submission

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Project application submission
How to apply with a project?

When the preparation of the project application is completed, the applicant organization addresses the application to the GEF SGP National Coordinator. It is desirable that the application is attached to the accompanying letter.

Contact details of the GEF SGP National Coordinator:

Alexey Volkov
The GEF SGP National Coordinator
Tel: + (998 71) 120 34 50, 120 34 62 (direct)
Mobile: + (998 97) 336 62 41 (МТС prpvider)
Fax: +(998 71) 120 34 85
Post address: UNDP Office, 4 Taras Shevchenko Str, Tashkent, Uzbekistan 100029

The applicant organization may submit its application by any means of communication: fax, ordinary mail, or e-mail. It is of course preferable (but not mandatory) that the application is submitted in electronic form so that the GEF SGP team can easily work with it.

Normally we will try to immediately confirm the receipt of the application. But anything can happen during mailing or transferring the document. Therefore, we recommend that the applicants check whether we have received the application. Please place us a call or an e-mail message.

What is the period of project application submission?
Project application submission period - till day of 20th mounthly. If you could not apply with your project application till this date, don't worry! Your project application will be taken into consideration on coming mounth.

What happens after the project application has been submitted?
Upon receipt of a project application, it gets registered and identification number is allocated to it. After this we inform the applicant that the "application undergoes consideration stage", the project type, its number, and discussion status. This information can be found at “In the process of development and consideration” section of out site. This is how an applicant may know of his application status. But besides the applicant all others will have access to information on what projects are undergoing consideration stage and make their notes or comments.

ATTENTION!!! All fields of the application shall be filled in by TYPING.
Upon receipt of the project applications, the GEF SGP National Coordinator in Uzbekistan conducts preliminary applications selection and provides written conclusion on compliance or non-compliance of the application with GEF requirements not later that 15 working days after receipt of the project application. The written conclusion of the NC will be sent to the applicant.

Upon receipt of positive written conclusion from the GEF SGP National Coordinator, applicant shall by any possible means confirm in writing the receipt of such conclusion and inform that he trusts the National Coordinator to present the project application to the consideration of the National Steering Committee (NSC) of the GEF SGP. Moreover, the applicant shall inform on whether he wishes to send personal representative to attend the NSC meeting and present the project application. The dates of NSC meeting will be additionally announced. Expenses of the personal representative, such as transportation, accommodation, etc. for the purpose of the project presentation at the meeting, shall not be financed from the Programme funds.

If the answer of the National Coordinator is negative and no positive conclusion issued, or if there are questions and/or comments regarding the application, the applicant has right to:
  • Address the questions and remarks of the National Coordinator and submit revised project application for the second review;
  • Address the questions and remarks of the National Coordinator and submit revised project application for its presentation to the NSC;
  • Disagree with the remarks and comments of the National Coordinator and submit the project application for its representation to the NSC;
  • Disagree with the remarks and comments of the National Coordinator and submit the project application with notification that the project application will be presented to the NSC by the personal representative;
Applicant shall inform the National Coordinator in writing about the option chosen in regards of the project application presentation to the NSC.

After the next steps on project application presentation are agreed upon between the applicant and the National Coordinator, the application is forwarded for the consideration by the GEF SGP NSC.