The GEF Small Grants Programme

in Uzbekistan

Climate change

New heating system for rural schools: a project in Bayavut district, Syrdarya province, high school # 19

How to make schools warmer and use less energy at the same time?!

A test how a heat pump can do the job

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Power efficiency of heating systems in apartment houses of Tashkent city

Most apartment buildings in Tashkent are still having heating systems that are built on iron pipes.

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Biogas in Syrdarya

A constant problem with energy supply pushed the farmer to searching the way out.

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Namangan children are against climate change

The project is simple in its idea - try to teach children and their parents to treat carefully the world around us.

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Good yield and water saving can be achieved without expenses for tillage

But only few people know that all these kinds of tillage are harmful for the soil

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Irrigation: how to save water and energy?

Water is the most valuable product for all the residents of Uzbekistan given by the nature.

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Greenhouse in SamSU: power efficiency is serving people

Energy is one of the main motive forces of a country development, though sometimes we underestimate its importance.

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Creation of the centre for renewable sources of energy and energy saving technologies in Nazarkhan settlement

In the context of the global problems, that are associated with the use of nonrenewable energy sources, there is a local one which is inherent to this region.

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Biogas in Yakkabog settlement of Kashkadarya region

The project objective is to demonstrate the possibility of using biogas installation to meet the needs for energy of the rural population.

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Micro hydro station for the needs of the Chosh mountain settlement

Our goal is to increase the number of such stations in mountain areas and not only there.

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Project on restoration of relict pistachio woodlands in Kuruksay canyon

The project is intending to restore woods on their early habitats – within the territory of Kashkadarya region in Kuruksay canyon.

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