The GEF Small Grants Programme

in Uzbekistan

Climate change

Economical greenhouses for Khorezm residents

After considering the idea of ​​demonstrating greenhouse heating with biogas, they thought about how to make greenhouse energy more independent.

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The new system of heating the greenhouse in Tashkent Botanical Garden

The heating system does not work, the effectiveness of the insulation is minimal. Plants are dying.

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Photovoltaic plants for small business - office and shop

One of the most common problems faced by businesses in Uzbekistan is a short-term power outage.

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How effective and profitable is drip irrigation system in cotton growing?

Given the growing needs and population growth in the region, effective farming has become important.

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Project on restoration of relict pistachio woodlands in Kuruksay canyon

The project is intending to restore woods on their early habitats – within the territory of Kashkadarya region in Kuruksay canyon.

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Greenhouse without heating - is it real?

When the fuel is used to heat greenhouses, there is a question of the country's food security.

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And again about biogas: now for heating a school and greenhouse in Namangan province

Retrieved gas will also be used for heating of a nearby school and provide it with electricity received from produced biogas.

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Drip irrigation in the Ferghana Valley. History. People. Prospects

The water supply situation in the province is not an easy one.

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