The GEF Small Grants Programme

in Uzbekistan


To the attention of farmers, owners of household plots and gardeners of Uzbekistan!

Everyone who is engaged in agriculture, produces fruits and vegetables and creates new orchards know firsthand how difficult it is sometimes to grow something in conditions...

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Sticker drive with Oriat FM 100.5 on the coming Monday

You may already be aware that over the past 2 months, radio ORIAT FM 100.5 has been organizing various competitions every Monday.

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Just about the alternative and why exactly it

We continue to talk simply about what the GEF SGP is doing and why it does it. Today we will talk about alternative energy.

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Pistachio - all for shovels, and plant!

In anticipation of our 10th anniversary, we would like to go over topics that are close to us. Show off a little of what we were able to do.

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One stadium to the finish line, or a small spool, but expensive

You know, when marathon runners run, they run out to the stadium before the finish line, and one lap of "honor" run to the finish line. Here we are - we run out to the stadium to run our lap of honor to the finish.

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Hi there! We are looking for talent!

Our committee has 2 vacancies. We are looking for people who are not indifferent to what environmental problems will be in our country in the future.

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When zero is greater than number - an invitation to a master class for farmers

This article is not about numbers, and not about mathematics. This article is about our land with you, about our soil, which gives us food.

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Seminar in Akhangaran on zero technology

A very interesting story - for the first time in our practice, farmers gathered themselves, asked us to come and tell about zero technology.

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Opportunity to win a cash prize for your natural initiative

This announcement is for the competition "Equator Initiative - Partnership for Sustainable Communities"

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