The GEF Small Grants Programme

in Uzbekistan


How to make beekeepers a profitable business?

The development of beekeeping is one of the most important areas in which humanity can succeed in doing something important so as not to kill itself completely. No pollination, no humanity. Pollination is one of the MOST important ecological services of nature for the existence of humans as a species. What can be done to develop beekeeping in Uzbekistan?

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New heating system for rural schools: a project in Bayavut district, Syrdarya province, high school # 19

How to make schools warmer and use less energy at the same time?!

A test how a heat pump can do the job

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NAEMM project

Unfortunately, at the moment, people know very little about the importance and essence of the functions that nature has and shares with us.

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Implementation of the training program "Applied ecology and sustainable nature management"

Without preserving nature, we will not be able to maintain any hope for the normal existence and development of our society.

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Best practices and resource use technologies for farmers and businesses in Uzbekistan

At present, many experts, scientists and political scientists agree that there is an urgent need and the inevitability of the transition of the world's dominant methods of management to the path of sustainable development.

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Project on laser leveling of the land in Khorezm

A high level of salinity and swamping of lands, as well as lack of water which is being felt more and more sharply, are putting at threat the stability of the agriculture in the region.

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Help of indigo color

Salinity of land is one of the most important challenges for farms throughout the country.

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Project for demonstration the alternative method of lands’ phyto-melioration in Karakalpakstan

Currently, two main crops are existing in our country, which almost all the farmers work with on irrigated areas.

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Pistachio project in Surkhandarya

Uzbekistan, being a perfect place for growing pistachio, is importing it

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How to restore a desert forest?

Urgent action is needed to conserve forest genetic resources and manage them sustainably.

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