Another biogas plant is launched - now in Namangan region.

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The Ferghana Valley is a unique geographical area ofUzbekistan, where one feels standing in a borderless nature almond-shaped nature pit, surrounded by mountain ranges.

Despite the small area of the plain, which is about 22 000 km2  (together with the surrounding mountains and foothills up to 80 000 km2.), it is one of the most densely populated regions of Uzbekistan. It is home to more than a third of the population of the country. Hardworking population of this place have for centuries been occupied mainly in agriculture and cattle breeding. Both these traditional occupations are very energy-consuming and require much effort, energy consumption, as well as many natural resources.

With a booming economy, there are processes that inevitably occur, which force seeking new ways of solving various tasks, among them the most important one is the provision of energy.  Energy is needed in nearly all spheres of life, from the extraction of energy resources, food production, construction of infrastructure to provision of health care, etc. The question is how to meet the growing needs of energy in the rapidly developing region, where population growth is proportional to the growth of demands?

One of the solutions might be biogas technology that has long proved to be an effective way to solve the energy needs of households and small farmers. Today, biogas technology has become the standard way of wastewater treatment, and recycling of waste materials in many countries.

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Another GEF SGP project for the implementation of biogas technology, this time in Namangan region, has overcome its "firing line" and moved to the stage of demonstrating the results of the work. A seminar dedicated to the topic of biogas and a launch of a new installation was held with great success on February 18 in Namangan Engineering Institute of Technology.

The seminar and the event in general were organized by teams of a "Demonstrating the use of biogas plants for heating and electricity in Turakurgan district of Namangan region" project,  "Supporting Uzbekistan in transition to a Low-Emission Development Path» (LEDS) UNDP project, and the GEF Small Grants Programme.

The seminar provided information on the thematic areas of GEF Small Grants Programme in Uzbekistan, focusing on what technologies and innovations have been supported and successfully promoted. The seminar participants were invited to make use of the experiences and best practices of the program, actively involve in the work of the GEF SGP and to propose new project ideas from all over the region and the area as a whole.

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A presentation given by a UNDP (LEDS) expert Pulat  Salikhov about measures and methods to achieve energy efficiency of residential buildings caused a spark of interest
Issues such as heat loss in houses, where heat goes and how to avoid such situations were discussed in detail. Participants watched the video, which showed the technology of external insulation of houses with modern materials with great interest.

We continue to try to promote improved irrigation technology as much as possible, namely, drip irrigation system, the production of which has already been established in Uychi district of Namangan region with the help of our program. A production manager, Abdulvokhid Boltabaev, could not attend the seminar due to a business trip to Navoi region, where a conclusion of an agreement with a local farm that has agricultural land of 100 hectares(!) in Nurata district to install СКО was being discussed. We were glad to hear the news, but we still asked him to come to talk about products and their production line.

Finally, after a brief introduction about related technologies, it was biogas project’s team’s turn to talk about their initiatives. The leader of the project, Zulfiya Mamadalieva, went into a detailed presentation about biogas, production technology, and engineering construction of a biogas plant (BGP), as well as the prospects for the development of biogas technology in Uzbekistan.

In the second part of the event guests and participants were invited to the farm, where the project team has demonstrated their development - the biogas plant in operation. The biogas plant with a total capacity of 120 cubic meters of reactors and daily production of 300 cubic meters of biogas, began its continuous technological cycle and was a proof of  the great triumph of technology for the benefit of a human being.

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