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Dear friends and colleagues!

Majority of you are aware of many years of efforts the GEF SGP has made in partnership with the local community and private sector initiatives to promote practical technology plantation of pistachio and work on return to the places of historic growth- rained foothills of Uzbekistan.

We are pleased to inform you that one of these initiatives resulted in the idea of creating a feature film, the plot of which is recognized as the theme of growing pistachio plantations as a family business.

This could become a modern and highly effective method of disseminating knowledge and experience of current environmental technologies and practices promoted by our Program and partners, both in Uzbekistan and abroad.

We have the honor to invite you to the premiere of a new film about the miracle tree.

Enjoy watching.

Read more about the premiere of the film in the press release.



The studio "ILK FILM" has completed the production of a feature film by a young producer Elyor KHoshimov - " As heart prompts".
2015 Uzbekistan, 121 min.
Year of production - 2015
Device – DVD

Premiere of the film in Uzbek language.


Scriprtwriters Djasur Ziyakhanov,  Mastura Sagatova (Djasur Iskhakov, Mastura Iskhakova)
Directed by Elyor KHoshimov,
Director of Photography- Djamshid Ganiev.
Art Director- Akmal Abdumuminov.
Composer - Abdujabbor Mirusmanov.

Director- Kudratjon Fayzullayev.


Miralim Klichev (Kamaliddin Kakhkharov)
Tolib Muminov (Fazliddin)
Madina Yusupova (Sanobar)
Shakhnoza Matchanova (Nazima)
Begzod Mukhammadkarimov (Alisher Khamdamovich)

The film raises the urgent issues of modern life of our Republic. Development of small and medium-sized enterprises, the intensification of youth initiatives, development of agriculture in different regions, in particular the cultivation of labor-intensive and very valuable nut species - pistachios.

The issues of the modern family also raises in the film, the relationship of children and parents, educating morals to the youth.


Young, full of promises businessman Kamaliddin Kakhkharov- is in this way to a booming career. With the decision of the Board of Directors, he was appointed head of a foreign branch. Before leaving for Malaysia, Kamaliddin travels to his native village Zatkent to say goodbye to his family.

His older brother Fazliddin is passionate of dreaming about growing pistachio plantations. Many of the villagers are suspicious of the idea.
Kamaliddin also believes that it is not a profitable venture.

Misfortune comes to Kakhkharov's family. Fazliddin gets into a terrible accident. Before he dies, he asks his younger brother Kamaliddin to take care of their parents, his wife and children.

Kamaliddin instead of travelling abroad returns home. In his native village he realizes his own dreams and continues his brother's work.
"The fruit of these trees, pistachios - a legacy to our children and grandchildren"-Kamaliddin remembers the words of his brother.


Comments of the scriptwriters:

Djasur Iskhakov:" I have always been stunned by the nature of our region. Deep rivers, wide steppes, majestic mountains, blooming gardens, cultivated fields by human hands. Sometimes the question arises: is it possible to use the huge space of the hills? With great pleasure I learned about the program in the cultivation of open land noble plants- walnuts, almonds and pistachios including".

Mastura Iskhakova:" This in some extent pushed to write the script. The first title was "As heart prompts". That is, the theme of cultivation of pistachio became a kind of backdrop for the dramatic history of our hero- Kamaliddin Kakhkharov".

Djasur Iskhakov:" With having this opportunity, I would like to thank the team of the Small Grants Program of Global Environment Facility, supported by UNDP in Uzbekistan and a staff of scientists of the National Research and Production Centre of Ornamental Gardening and Foresty under the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources in Uzbekistan.

Comments of the director:

Elyor Khoshimov:" For me, this is the first film I shot by the request of the National Agency"Uzbekkino". Before this film, I worked in private studios. Dramatic material gave me the opportunity to talk about the modern hero of our youth. The fact that the talent of being the head, the potential of the youth can be successfully applied on our land as well.



Manufacturing Studio «ILK FILM» by request of the National Agency "Uzbekkino".

Materials for the film, and necessary support were provided by the Small Grants Program of the Global Environment Facility, supported by UNDP in Uzbekistan and a team of scientists of the National Research and Production Centre of Ornamental Gardening and Forestry under the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources in Uzbekistan.

The film will premiere September 22, 2015 at 18.00 at the Concert Hall named after Navoi( Panoramic)

We invite you to the premiere.

Enjoy watching.

The filmmakers are open for communication, any questions concerning the interview contact Maksad Bauetdinov: +998 93 501 52 21, makhsad.bauetdinov@undp.org, max.bauetdinov@mail.ru

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