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The long-awaited Velokvest is successfully finished!

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The long-awaited Velokvest is successfully finished!

Bike "orientation" or more true tips for inspiration

On Sunday, October 11 in Tashkent the game - Velokvest 2015 was successfully hosted, dedicated to the World Day without cars, which is celebrated annually in many countries around the world on September 22. The game Velokvest was held at the Botanical Garden of the Institute of the gene pool of flora and fauna of Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences. 8 teams of 4 people participated in the game. Each team received eight tasks. Targets were the same for all teams; the difference was only in the fact that each team began the task in a different sequence. Velokvest is not a race. The important thing is not to move and ride the bicycle fast but quickly and correctly solve problems and distribute tasks among the team members.

The game included solving puzzles and tasks prescribed in the assignments and issued by agents. The faster and without any penalties the tasks were solved, the sooner the team could finish. Successful overcoming of every task gave the opportunity to obtain the key to the next task. Valuable prizes and gifts were prepared for all the winners and participants.

Among the participants there were people of different ages and from different fields of occupation starting from artists and media professionals to IT specialists, managers and others. It's nice that this time the beginners, who recently learned how to ride a bicycle participated in the game. However the number of experienced cyclists was clearly more. To invite people to ride bicycles is good, especially for beginners, however for the experienced cyclists or simple citizens, or a person employed, living in constant timing, in a crazy rhythm of the city it is a few ordinary and not so attractive. To make such people active from their usual state they need to come up with something special.

The initiative group of SGP GEF and UNDP in Uzbekistan appealed for support to the Federation of extreme and mountaineering tourism in Uzbekistan, many followers of them cycle and do outdoor activities. After several meetings and exchanging of ideas, it was decided to celebrate this holiday and spend an exciting game in one of the most beautiful places in the city. This place was the Tashkent Botanical Garden, one of the main natural and recreational facilities in the city.

Claimed number of teams to participate in the game of eight, was recruited seven days before the deadline. There were many more, who wanted to participate, but the organizers were forced to confine eight teams.

Each team had its own name, some of which were original and unique. Here are the names and lineups that took part in the current game:

  1. Team “CHARLIE’S ANGELS ", a team of a man and three girls. This team is a good example of the involvement of females in an active social life.
  2. Team "CHAIN DOGS" – a team of four guys.
  3. The team "AGAROFOBNIYE LIZTOMANY" – was a team of three boys and a girl, who constantly listen to music and feel uncomfortable in a large space. Something like this is the meaning of the name of the team :)
  4. Team "SPARTA" – a team of four Spartans.
  5. Team «ECOBIKERS» - a team of four guys, who are environmentalists.
  6. Team "WIA" –a team of two men and two women, charged for the game. They are experienced participants of the Velokvest games (WIA - the first letters of the names of the team members).
  7. Team «MADE IN RIO" – a team of four guys, who recently returned from the carnival in Brazil (where RIO – is the first letters of the names of the team members).
  8. Team "ASPIRATION" - the team late in submitting its application and the first ranked on the waiting list. It's a team of two guys and two girls, the desire to get into the game which eventually materialized and after the failure of one of the teams they were invited to play.

So, on a clear Sunday morning, despite the fact that the weather forecasters promised rain, the teams began to gather at the gates of the Botanical Garden. As soon as all the teams gathered together, they had to be put forward to the start, when an incident happened. One of the participants had his wheel gone down. It had happened on the way to the game, because all the participants came to the event from all over the city in their "metal steeds". The "punctured" team gathered all together and as if standing in a racing pit stop quickly changed the camera of the wheel to one of the wheel, that was taken just in case of emergency situations. Waiting until the team repaired their bicycles all the teams went together being followed by the organizers to the start.

The organizers early in the morning had instructed their agents (secret helpers) of the games and waited for the teams to place at the agreed start. At first, all participants looked a little awkward; it was not because of the dull sky. It is not quite comfortable when you're waiting for a competition with not quite apparent and hidden tasks. But the fear was gone by seeing the passion and interests of the team. After receiving the task, each team started on its route. At 11:00 the game started.

Fortunately, the weather did not disappoint us. It was cloudy, but the sun peeked at times and pleasant fresh air urged all participants and their fans to the exciting game.

According to the organizers the game was designed for 4-5 hours. In general, the whole event took place in a normal playing speed. There were no special emergency situations, except one, in which one of the team members had his both wheels gone down. But thanks to the Garden there are always bikes there. It is very convenient and just great! For this, special thanks to the administration of the Tashkent Botanical Garden.


At about two o'clock several teams had come close to their last task and passion began to heat up. At 13:54 the team "AGAROFOBNIYE LIZTOMANY" finished the game. At 13:56 the team “WIA” finished their tasks and came second, and so on ... But the first team to complete the game did not mean to take the first place. Everything was decided by penalties and bonuses.

In one of the task all the teams had to put down the word and make a team photo on the background of it. As a result, all eight words were to make a slogan – Twist the pedals, move forward! Choose eco-friendly transport!

After the last team “ECOBIKERS” finished the race, the organizers began to count the scores and determine the winner teams. As a result,

First place went to the team - "WIA" without penalties.

Second place - team "SPARTA" without penalties.


Fourth - the "CHAIN DOGS"


Sixth - «MADE IN RIO"


Eighth - «ECOBIKERS»

After the game, the team members of “AGAROFOBNIYE LIZTOMANY” told us a funny story that happened to them during their assignments. In one of the beautiful benches located in the garden two elderly women-grandmothers were sitting and peacefully contemplating the world. At this time, during the game the teams had to find agents of their team. And none of the participants had seen them previously. So, the team on bicycles passed by and saw the women sitting and decided that they were the agents that should help them. Asking the question - "Are you agents?" the women answered “Yes." When satisfied cyclists started asking their password from the women, the women came back to life, and sensing something was wrong with one voice began to abandon their words, and admitted that they are not agents at all. The rest of the team members who were waiting nearby and watching their captain's attempts to get the coveted password - just fell off their bike with laughter…Such incidents do happen sometimes:) Sorry but there are no photos of the incident :(

Everyone wants to get a good impression of a particular action or event, whether traveling, buying anything, or simply going to the cinema. But people also like to provide a good impression on other people. And in our case victory or just participation in this game left a good impression. A good impression is a great source for inspiration. Inspired person experiences elation and does what he's up to with a stunning effect.

Thus, to find inspiration in everything you needn’t so much, but the followings:

Healthy rivalry
Good mood
Result of the work

All this and a little more was in our game. The game was held!

Congratulations to all the teams for their participation!

We express our gratitude to the management of the Institute of the gene pool of plants and animals of Sciences of Uzbekistan/Tashkent Botanical Garden for the opportunity of holding the game there and for the support in organizational matters.

Special thanks and a low bow to the brave volunteers, who participated in the preparation, organization of the game!

Special thanks to our agents in the field for their help and courage!

Thank you, to the fans that despite the bad weather came to support their friends and relatives!

Many thanks to management and crew of TV channel Dunyo Boylab for your interest in the event and to support the promotion of cycling in the broad masses. Let's wait for interesting TV programs of the game.

The Action Team is very grateful to its partners:

The Federation of extreme and mountaineering tourism in Uzbekistan
ECOFORUM Council of NGOs of Uzbekistan
Khokimiyat of the Tashkent region
Tashkent Regional Committee for Nature Protection

And also the sponsor - FITNESS CENTRE O-ZONE / BUSINESS CENTRE DARHAN for their support and trust. And wish all the best and success in all good undertakings!

This fantastic game, healthy spirit of competition and good will, will bring good changes in your life!

We hope to meet again with interesting ideas on the waves of good mood.

We will be happy if you share your impressions, leave comments or feedback for the future.

And now, we offer to look at the photos taken by the team "SPARTA" and a few photos of other teams. That's not all the photos. We will continue to fill up the photo gallery with photos of the last quest.

And for dessert we have got a surprise for you. And you will learn more about it later on our website and our pages in the social networks.

The game is over, but the team feels delighted. We are waiting for new event.


Please click on the following link to see the photos.


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