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The call to all! We seek ideas!

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The call to all! We seek ideas!

We have great news! Another tree planting project is approved. We will demonstrate the ways to create energy plantations in the Dzhizak region as well as work with residents living around the Nurata nature reserve in order to introduce the idea that every house, every yard can supply itself with firewood by simply planting each year 5-10 trees. But this is not enough!

How can we make people start planting trees to supply themselves with firewood? It is very difficult for something to become a habit, a tradition. Unfortunately, we are lack of sufficient knowledge on this psychological issue.

Therefore, the call to all!

These kinds of problems require an extraordinary, creative approach. Something must be done and we would like you to suggest what. We would like you to share your ideas.

Thus, what is the Problem?

People do not plant firewood for themselves; instead they cut naturally growing vegetation - trees, bushes.


When we published an article on "Growing Firewood for Yourself!", Many reacted positively to the very fact - yes, you need to plant a tree in place of another that was cut down. But few people paid attention to the social consequences of the loss of vegetation. Imagine how much time do children and women, namely they are basically sent for firewood, spend on this occupation, while they could spend this time more productively: on reading, communication, education, or just a more pleasant and easy home routine?!

What do we want to achieve?

We want the initiative of planting 5-10 trees a year for one'€™s own firewood supply to become a constant habit and we want every household to use only that firewood they have grown for themselves or firewood from similar energy plantations. The felling of naturally grown trees and bushes must be stopped.

What ways and tools can SGP GEF use to promote, implement, "€œdrive"€ this habit into the people's minds?
This is what we want to know from you. Write, call, and speak out. We want you to share your creative ideas.

Feel free to write to or you can leave a comment below this article, or leave your comment under this note on our Facebook page.

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