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The GEF SGP team in Uzbekistan is pleased to announce the start of a series of workshops on agroforestry

The GEF SGP team welcomes all readers of our site and is pleased to announce the beginning of a series of workshops in the Republic of Uzbekistan.    ...
Tags: GEF SGP, Workshops, Agroforestry
Why Value Nature? It’s Better to be Roughly Right than Really Wrong

We decided to publish an article by Hunter Lovins as it explains the basics reasons why we should not take nature capital for granted....

Wood is a key resource around the world and in Uzbekistan. It is a source of fuel that if effectively maintained, can be carbon neutral and have a positive impact on the environment....
Tags: alternative energy, firewood, tree planting, vegetation, naturally-growing wood
The call to all! We seek ideas!

We have great news! Another tree planting project is approved. We will demonstrate the ways to create energy plantations in the Dzhizak region as well as work with residents living around the Nurata nature reserve in order to introduce the idea that every house, every yard can supply itself with firewood by simply planting each year 5-10 trees. But this is not enough!...
Tags: alternative energy, firewood, tree planting, vegetation
The Most Valuable Investment in Agriculture Gives the Greatest Dividends

Farming, even when it is facing challenges, is only being handled as a business activity aimed at bringing profit. The effectiveness of agribusiness depends, however, on how well a business owner or owners (in this business farmers) manage this kind of business and all associated processes, particularly in the long term....
How Can "Healthy" Desert be Profitable?

Have you ever wondered what healthy dessert is? The author says that "Healthy arid lands can be covered with a variety of grasses, shrubs and trees. Healthy desert is a complex ecosystem with its own laws and associated biodiversity. It produces multiple products and services like any other ecosystem if people use it wisely and in a sustainable way." This is the story about our projects in making healthy dessert possible, and profitable. ...
How to Improve Soil Fertility?

This is the first article of the GEF SGP Newsletter #6. The author of this article, a farmer from Crimea, kindly wrote invaluable details about the problems in losing fertility in soil and recommendations on ideas of improving the status by giving examples of zero tillage.  ...
Tags: soil fertility, humus, zero tillage, zero-seeding, land degradation, wind erosion, water erosion
The long-awaited Velokvest is successfully finished!

There are the first interim results of the project in Chirokchi

An active phase of the project has started, in which for the first time photoelectric deep pump will be used for lifting water for irrigation of pistachio and almond garden. Here you can see the work that has been done so far- the early results and photos from the pilot area....
Tags: land degradation, desertification, drought, rain-fed agriculture, rainfed crops, drip irrigation, alternative energy
Attention! Volunteers are needed!

Tags: alternative energy, solar energy, heating, volunteers
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