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Best practices and resource management technologies to farmers and businesses in Uzbekistan

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Land – is a perfect habitat for all forms of life. As far as land is healthy, so will the life of its inhabitants be healthy. Land is healthy when its systems and mechanisms function properly. The current global economic system is based on endless consumption and increasing of production volumes. And this cycle of increasingly deepening and sinking of interdependence contributes to the crisis and the most important and dangerous crisis which can lead to disaster and the collapse of economic systems can be the environmental crisis - the crisis of the planet.


Currently, many experts, scholars and political analysts agree that there is an urgent necessity and inevitability of the transition of the world's dominant economic methods to sustainable development. World industrial civilization is based on intensive use of mineral resources and, without thinking that they are non-renewable began their uninterrupted use, bringing the situation and the relationship of "man and nature" to a state of crisis. With the access to natural resources, man opened the gate to the world of social benefits, which it currently has. And in the pursuit of increasing the desire to have more and the best, modern society is forgetting about the inalienable rights of future generations having the same opportunities for accessing resources and social benefits. Today, it is difficult to argue that the scientific, technological and social progress, which began in the last century, continues to be a true value to humanity.

Sustainable development is defined by the principle of equal opportunities for all future generations, and this principle is an alternative to the existing industrial civilization, which, unfortunately, follows the dead end road. Prevailing conditions require transition to new approaches in daily practice, the relevant innovations in the industry, use of natural resources.

The primary users of natural resources, who have the greatest impact on the environment in Uzbekistan, are rural inhabitants involved in agricultural production. Most problems with the irrational use of land, water, energy and biological resources arises because farmers, business and the local communities do not know the best practices in this field.


Many organizations and institutions across the country are working on the development of innovative technologies and best practices. Many of them have real achievements and proposals for the introduction of such technologies. But as a rule, this kind of information is available only for a limited circle of people, and therefore the dissemination of information on such practices does not cover the maximum number of potential users.

Currently, not enough work is being done in our country for the dissemination and promotion of best practices that promote the conservation of natural resources and at the same time profitable from the economic point of view. But economic growth hasn't stopped, it is still leading to the depletion of natural resources, degradation of land and its habitats.

This project aims to completely fill this gap by conducting "Knowledge Fair" - an event that is designed to share knowledge with everyone about new technologies in the sphere of nature.

We suggest to familiarize with the project documents (in Russian):

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