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"Point of growth" pistachios in Tashkent region

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"Point of growth" pistachios in Tashkent region
On-going project

The best zone to lay industrial plantations of pistachios and its growth - is a mountainous area and foothills at altitudes from 600 to 1300 m.


Comfortable conditions for pistachios are available in many mountainous regions of Uzbekistan. Our projects have already been laid in terms of growth in several areas of the country. One of the point which is also a collection of varieties and forms exist in the Jizzakh region, then began to point its growth in Surkhandarya for the south of the country, in the Andijan region of the Fergana Valley and now is in the phase of the project on creation of growth points for pistachio in Tashkent region.

Each region or area of Uzbekistan is unique and has its own climatic conditions, but in each of them there is a place for pistachios. They used to grow in the mountains and foothills. But now, it's time to bring them back to their homes.

We suggest to familiarize with the project document and the budget of the proposed project:

altDownload the application of the proposed project

alt - Download the budget of the proposed project 

alt - Economic calculations of establishing plantations of pistachios


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