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The introduction of green manuring techniques for saline soils of the Ferghana Valley

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On-going project

Is it possible to obtain good yields without plowing the earth?
How is it possible? What should be changed?

GEF SGP continues to urge the land users - "Do not plow, but sow" in other words, to introduce the new technology of conservation and zero tillage conservation of agriculture land (No-tillage). The farmers of the Fergana valley became interested in this technology now. Fergana is known to be one of the most densely populated regions of Uzbekistan, where the main occupation of the population for centuries has been and remains agriculture.

The lands of Fergana Valley, as well as many other agricultural ones in Uzbekistan, where agriculture is impossible without irrigation, are largely affected by salinity. Growing a good quality crop in most areas is becoming more and more difficult from year to year. Traditional treatment of land, inadequate irrigation technique, excessive use of fertilizers and the excessive use of chemicals in the soil leads to irreversible salinization, loss of fertile layer and land degradation. The complex problems of land degradation requires an integrated solution. Such a solution could be the introduction of wide production of resource-saving technologies of cultivation of agricultural soil conservation, including green manuring, minimum and zero tillage land to enhance the effectiveness of agriculture and the improvement of the structure of saline and impoverished soils.

This technology is offered to implement by the farmers of Yazyavan district of the Fergana region.


To reduce costs for crop production, as well as land reclamation and improvement of soil fertility in the framework of implementation it is proposed to introduce the return of plant residues of crops and green manure with mixing them with the upper layers of the soil, using the method of minimum and zero tillage.

The technology proposed by the project is approved and the project is beginning its work.

The project document and budget of the project is given for your attention (in Russian):

altdownload project document

alt - download project budget

Tags: Soil conservation technologies, zero planting, soil fertility, humification, moisture-saving, green manure, green manure crops


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