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How to Improve Soil Fertility?

This is the first article of the GEF SGP Newsletter #6. The author of this article, a farmer from Crimea, kindly wrote invaluable details about the problems in losing fertility in soil and recommendations on ideas of improving the status by giving examples of zero tillage.


Tags: soil fertility, humus, zero tillage, zero-seeding, land degradation, wind erosion, water erosion
There are the first interim results of the project in Chirokchi

An active phase of the project has started, in which for the first time photoelectric deep pump will be used for lifting water for irrigation of pistachio and almond garden. Here you can see the work that has been done so far- the early results and photos from the pilot area.

Tags: land degradation, desertification, drought, rain-fed agriculture, rainfed crops, drip irrigation, alternative energy
What is the alternative to farming in the steppes?

The idea for this project is to try to find at least some alternative to the low productivity of economic activities in the arid steppes of Uzbekistan, where rainfall does not exceed 300 mm per year.

Tags: land degradation, desertification, drought, bogara, rain-fed agriculture, rainfed crops, drip irrigation, alternative energy

The Environmental Atlas of Uzbekistan is an attempt to present the most significant environmental variables for the country under one cover and link those to the geographical location. It is a spin-off of the major project, Environmental Indicators of Uzbekistan, which has managed to bring together 91 environmental indicators as time series (sometimes going all the way back to the Soviet period) in a GIS-enabled database.

Tags: Biodiversity, land degradation, climate change, adaptation to climate change
Production of laser planners in Uzbekistan
Tags: land degradation, agro-innovation, laser land leveling