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How to Improve Soil Fertility?

This is the first article of the GEF SGP Newsletter #6. The author of this article, a farmer from Crimea, kindly wrote invaluable details about the problems in losing fertility in soil and recommendations on ideas of improving the status by giving examples of zero tillage.


Tags: soil fertility, humus, zero tillage, zero-seeding, land degradation, wind erosion, water erosion
The 6-th issue of the newsletter of the GEF SGP in Uzbekistan

The Global Environment Facility’s Small Grants Programme in Uzbekistan, is presenting the 6th edition of its newsletter. This issue focuses on various aspects of soil conservation and rehabilitation, the need to invest in natural capital and its sustainable use.


Tags: GEF Small Grants Programme, GEF, UNDP, land, energy, biodiversity, zero tillage, conservation tillage, land rehabilitation, renewable energy, agricultural technology, agro innovations, farmers
How to reduce spending and improve harvests
Tags: zero tillage, conservation and resource safe cultivation, mulching, agro-biodiversity, soil moisture, humification, repeated culture, Agricultural technology, agro innovation, farming