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The 5-th issue of the newsletter of the GEF SGP in Uzbekistan

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The 5-th issue of the newsletter of the GEF SGP in Uzbekistan

Dear friends,

GEF Small Grants Programme (GEF SGP) in Uzbekistan has the honor to present next issue of GEF SGP newsletter to you and your partners.
The articles of this issue draw attention of readers:

  • to the existing problems with reduction of agricultural lands fertility and describe the best soil conservation technology No-till (zero tillage);
  • to new land-use practices to protect soil, rational use of mineral fertilizers using the latest equipment and control means;
  • to the problem of deforestation and proposes to introduce a  mechanism of the forest ecosystem recovery that are beneficial both for the state and for the local population;
  • to natural hazards in mountainous areas that become more and more frequent, such as mudflows, landslides and offer a practical solution to prevent impacts through re-vegetation;
  • to food topic, and, in particular, the existing shortage of fish products in the country and offer intensive aquaculture technology proven within the framework of the GEF SGP, a technology of trout breeding in Uzbekistan in particular;
  • to achievements of scientists from Uzbekistan within the framework of a joint project on creation of database of plant diversity of Uzbekistan. Information about the project outcomes is presented in the form of infographics;
  • as well as news and events of the GEF SGP within the past year.

We welcome the initiatives of national partners, as well as their involvement in GEF SGP future projects.
We would appreciate your assistance in distributing the materials of the newsletter.

Enjoy the reading!


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