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Biodiversity, land degradation and climate change

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Biodiversity, land degradation and climate change

Collection of teaching and methodological manual for conducting classes

Within the project on improving the knowledge of journalists teaching materials on three major themes of the GEF have been prepared:

  • Biodiversity
  • Climate Change
  • Land degradation.

The materials were prepared by young professionals, and we want to express our sincere gratitude to them. A team of specialists consists of:

  • Aleksandra Povarich - a member of the Youth Environmental Network (YEN) and the author of all the drawings that were included in the manual. By the way, she kindly provides pictures for the most of the GEF SGP ads. Aleksandra was responsible for writing the part on biodiversity;
  • Yuriy Mun - a member and a big  ideological mastermind of the Youth Environmental Network (YEN) and its coordinator at the moment. Yuriy wrote the part on the climate change;
  • Oleg Ivanovich Tsaruk - the most experienced member of the staff. He wrote the part on land degradation.

But teaching materials - this is not just a set of text for reading. Experienced professionals from the University of Westminster (Elena Volkova and Lobar Mukhamedova) prepared methodological manuals for those who will conduct teaching seminars on these teaching materials.Now the manual consists of 2 parts:

  • reading materials and familiarization with the subject, and
  • step by step instructions of how to conduct classes on these materials.

In fact, any interested person, any teacher of higher education or school can take these materials, read them and hold classes. We tried to make these materials as accessible and simple as possible, so it would be both interesting and understandable for anyone.

The materials were tested at the teaching seminar on 17-18 September 2009. At the seminar everything was made not in the form of lectures, presentations, but in the form of normal work, where the participants were the central part. This approach, which we always propagate during our training events - "Do not just provide information but help people to get this information by themselves and help them to analyze and complete it correctly".  Exactly this approach is used in this teaching and methodological manual.

Now, anyone interested can freely download, use and spread these materials. These materials are available also in Uzbek language (see the Uzbek version of the site).

Download teaching manual on biodiversity, climate change and land degradation in Word format (3.7 MB)

Download teaching manual on biodiversity, climate change and land degradation in archive format (2.7 MB)


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