The GEF Small Grants Programme

in Uzbekistan

Center for rehabilitation of wild birds in Uzbekistan

Many people in Uzbekistan and abroad heard about the team ‘Swifts’, nor those of steel and fearsome that travel through the air, but those who save the birds in distress and gives them a second life.

It is about the young enthusiasts, connoisseurs and lovers of the bird’s kingdom Helen and Paul. These two kind persons for many years save swifts, and recent list of species of birds that come to them for the care and rehabilitation has grown significantly and has exceeded 20 species. It certainly is a sad fact.

So. All this time, Helen and Paul on their enthusiasm have to treat the birds and keep them in one of the rooms of their own apartment. Moreover, due to the increasing number of distressed birds (because of human) is adjudged to them, normally to conduct this necessary and urgent work is not possible. They appealed to our Program to help them in the creation of the Centre for rehabilitation of wild birds.

Dear friends, we offer for your consideration and comment prior request for project from the team "Swifts":

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