The GEF Small Grants Programme

in Uzbekistan

Project application consideration

What does project application consideration start with?

After agreement upon submitting the project application, the National Coordinator directs it to all members of the NSC. The National Coordinator includes his written conclusion when sending the application. If the applicant organization insists on the application consideration even with the negative conclusion by the NC, then all members of NSC are obliged to accept the application for consideration.

Each NSC member shall have sufficient time to get familiarized with the application contents. The maximum term of the application consideration by the NSC members is 30 days.

What is the consideration process for a project application?

Each NSC member carefully studies the project application. Each member of the NSC comes on a meeting prepared and ready to ask questions and give their comments on the draft.

What is the decision-making process on each project?

After each NSC member has studied the project application and filled in the evaluation form, a preparation for the NSC meeting takes place. NSC meeting takes place on last Monday of every month.

Project application submission period - till the day of 20th monthly. If you could not apply with your project application till this date, don't worry! Your project application will be taken into consideration in the coming month.

If a project is urgent, the applicant has the right to request advancement of application, but the decision on time of consideration of such urgent applications will be made upon agreement with all NSC members.

The NSC meetings are held in accordance to adopted regulations. The decision is made by absolute majority vote, that is, if a project receives approval from 7 out of 9 NSC members, the decision is made then to support the project. If the number of votes is less than 7, the application is either rejected or sent for revision. If any of the NSC members is absent at the meeting, the previously sent by the absent member evaluation form participates in the consideration.

NSC has the right to make the following decision upon project application consideration:

  • To approve project application and approve the release of the grant support from the GEF SGP;
  • To approve project application with minor amendments and comments that shall be considered by the applicant during the project implementation;
  • To offer remarks and comments that are significant and important for the project implementation and postpone decision-making on the given project application until the applicant replies to the proposed remarks/comments/questions;
  • To reject the project application.

Every decision made by NSC upon consideration of each project application shall be argued and documented. That is why the project application evaluation form is developed. Besides, minutes will be taken at each NSC meeting that will be available for general knowledge at our site in subsection “Our Announcements” of the “About Us” section.

Upon project application consideration the corresponding applicant will receive written notification on the decision made with the explanations of the basis for such decision.