The GEF Small Grants Programme

in Uzbekistan

Project development

How does the project start?

Any project originates from an idea. The idea can be born by an individual or by a group of people who jointly identify a problem that needs a solution. Of course, this problem shall in some way be related to the environment. Information on the GEF SGP thematic areas is available in “the GEF SGP Thematic Areas” section of our site.
For more detailed information on the GEF SGP thematic areas in Uzbekistan please see the National Programme Strategy or other publications of our program. Besides, the authors of the project idea shall immediately identify whether they can be the project applicants.

The project idea preferably shall be born by the beneficiary himself. Project development can be conducted by either the beneficiary or by any other non-government organization (NGO) on his behalf. But the participation in some way of the beneficiary (community whose interests are represented by the project) in the project development is compulsory.

Potential applicants may start the project development and project application after the contest on the GEF SGP project applications has been announced. Such announcements are made at our site and mass media.

Two criteria shall be met when a project idea is worked out:
a. The project shall belong to one of the GEF SGP thematic areas in Uzbekistan and involve integrated issues that are part of the GEF SGP strategy, such as improving the population’s living standards and gender issues.
b. The project shall be compliant with the GEF SGP principles. These principles are the selection criteria at the project consideration stage, that is why understanding and following those principles is the key issue during the project application development.

How to start formulating a project?

To begin with, the applicant shall formulate the project idea (concept) in 1-2 pages and to present it for the preliminary, informal agreement with the GEF SGP National Coordinator. The concept shall be very specific, without superfluous information, and include clearly stated objectives and activities of the project. There is no any specific template to formulate the concept.

Within a short period of time after the concept has been presented, the National Coordinator will release an opinion on general compliance of the project application with the GEF SGP principles. When developing a project, all applicant organizations (hereinafter referred to as applicants) shall follow the approved form of the project application. To download the form, please click below.

Application Template (English)

Application Template (Russian)

The form can be further improved or edited during the programme realization and to meet the needs of the potential applicants. That is why it is important to check whether there is an updated version of the project application form. Nevertheless, if an older version was used to prepare the project application, it will be anyway accepted for consideration.

Assistance in project application preparation

The GEF SGP team in Uzbekistan, i.e. the National Coordinator and the GEF SGP Assistant are called upon to assist in every possible way in developing high-quality project applications. The applicants are welcome to address the mentioned persons if they have questions on project applications development. Assistance, however, does not mean that National Coordinator and the GEF SGP Assistant will formulate and prepare the applications instead of applicants. The undertaker is responsible for the formulation and preparation of the project application.

Assistance of the GEF SGP team in the issues of the projects development does not in any way ensures that the application will be approved and grant released.

If for the qualitative project development a potential applicant needs certain minor resources for more accurate information, attraction of technical experts, conducting consultations within community or with other involved parties, the GEF SGP may release funds as project development grant. The form to apply for the project development grant is given below.

Project development grant amount shall not exceed:

USD 100 – for projects with total project value of below or equal USD 2,000;
USD 500 – for projects with total project value of below or equal USD 10,000;
USD 1,000 – for projects with total project value above USD 10,000.

The project development grant term shall not exceed 6 months. One applicant cannot receive a project development grant twice for the development of the same or similar project. Applicants should report on the project development grant use in accordance with the procedure set for other the GEF SGP grants.

When developing a project, applicants shall keep in mind that the GEF SGP funds cannot be used to repay previous liabilities or taxes. If a local community organization (mahalla, property owners partnership, village council, etc.) acts as applicant, the wages of its employees shall not be included in the project budget. If a beneficiary subcontracts another NGO to implement or facilitate the project, the wages of the NGO employees can be included in the project budget. In any case, the wages and other administrative costs cannot exceed 20% of the total project value.

When determining the amount of in-kind contribution, the project developers shall be guided by reasonable, competitive prices existing in the given locality in present time for labor, materials, and rent of equipment needed to implement the project. If the value of in-kind contribution is falsely overestimated, the GEF SGP team may dismiss the project application of what the applicant shall be informed in writing.