The GEF Small Grants Programme

in Uzbekistan

Project realization

Who is responsible for project realization?

The applicant is fully responsible for the project realization in accordance with the project application approved by the NSC. Upon deciding on approval of the project application, the realization starts. The applicant is also responsible for conducting monitoring activities. The monitoring procedures shall be worked out at the project application development stage and is given below.

How is a project financed by the GEF SGP?

It is important to remember that the GEF SGP support is not principal but additional to other sources of financing. That is why the GEF SGP support is called co-financing.
Co-financing of the project approved by the GEF SGP is conducted by installments (tranches), in accordance with the financing scheme approved in the project application. As soon as the GEF SGP National Coordinator is convinced of the successful implementation of the previous project stage, another tranche is issued.

What happens if something goes wrong?

The National Coordinator has the right to suspend the project implementation in case discrepancies between project implementation and approved project application are found or in case of violations of the GEF SGP financial resources targeted use. A documented report of the GEF SGP National Coordinator is submitted to the NSC in order to make a decision on the project termination. Further, if serious violations are discovered, the GEF SGP reserves the right to start the legal process of reimbursing the GEF SGP funds in accordance with the acting national law.