The GEF Small Grants Programme

in Uzbekistan


How did the Green Development Platform meeting go?

On February 29, a meeting of the Platform was held, where opportunities and current problems in the development of the alternative energy industry were discussed. We draw conclusions from the last meeting.

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Last day of winter at the Green Development Platform meeting

The next meeting of the Green Development Platform will take place on February 29. Let's talk about Renewable Energy Sources.

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Economic analysis of beekeeping alternatives

The article shows the calculations for the conduct of individual beekeeping and shows ways to increase income from beekeeping

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Water saving technologies for farmers in Kashkadarya region

On May 18-19, at the request of the Kashkadarya regional khokimiyat, the GEF SGP conducted trainings in Yakkaboga and Kasbi for farmers in the region to promote water saving technologies.

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Beekeeping problems: How to increase business profits and the added value of the industry

The article covers the main problems of beekeeping, which were raised in the framework of the GEF SGP project "Development of beekeeping in the Fergana region"

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April 22 - How cool was our Earth Day 2023

Went just great. Everything was wonderful. The day was wonderful, the weather was great.

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Celebrating the Earth Day 2023 - #EarthRun

Celebrating the Earth Day by running. Run with us!

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Economic and other consequences of overgrazing

After the post in our telegram channel, we received many questions. We share in this rather long but educational article an explanation of why this is important and what consequences this entails for the entire society.

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Following the meeting - how the meeting of green business supporters went

On February 15, the long-awaited meeting to discuss green business ideas took place. Read the article to see how it went.

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