The GEF Small Grants Programme

in Uzbekistan

Project completion

How to complete a project?

The main objective of the GEF SGP is to demonstrate new, alternative approaches to sustainable resource use at the local level. Demonstration assumes that others can look at what has been done and how, and to see its successes and failures. Thus, sharing such information with wider circles of potential “repeaters” of certain ideas or principles becomes the main objective of each project that has been demonstrated.

In other words, the principal task while completing the project is to consolidate all knowledge and lessons learned during the project implementation. After logical completion of all the project activities, the undertaker, together with the GEF SGP National Coordinator, conducts an assessment of the project results and compiles a report on project completion. The report is prepared by the applicant and added by the National Coordinator. The quality of the filled-in report will also serve as evidence as to what extent the applicant and the project participants are committed to the project idea and what conclusions they have drawn from it. The report shall cover all interesting aspects of the projects, positive and negative lessons learned. The generated knowledge shall be documented for further replication among other communities in Uzbekistan and interested partner organizations. Especially by means of assessment and replication of the best nature use practices, the GEF SGP attempts to achieve deeper and wider influence on improving the environmental situation.

Completion and documentation of the project results is necessary not only for further project replication but also for keeping records about the project and building a trusting history of the applicant organization for potential future applications to the GEF SGP.

It is essential that applicant organization shall submit all financial reports upon the project completion.
The National Coordinator reports to the members of the National Steering Committee on the completed projects