The GEF Small Grants Programme

in Uzbekistan

Competition for youth

Humanity releases 37 GigTons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere per year. The Earth's ecosystem is capable of absorbing only 20 GigTons. The rest, every year accumulates in the atmosphere, heating our planet.
The area of ​​the "lungs of the planet" rainforest in the Amazon has declined by 17% in the last 50 years
The area of ​​ice cover has decreased in the Arctic by 40% - from 7.05 million. sq. km to 4.32 mil. sq. km. over the past 40 years.

Interesting? Do you know why this happened?

So we got your attention. Now about how you can get involved in this topic.
It's simple. Everything that happens to the planet badly is done by us - people. And most importantly, it is done by those who now have an influence on this, who are in charge, who have money, who are in control of offices, factories, countries, companies. The adult population. And those who made decisions before. Roughly speaking, people are between the ages of 35 and 65. And the consequences of all this will be disentangled by those who are young now and who are now in childhood. It is the young people who will feel on themselves all the "charm" of the consequences that all of humanity has created with the climate system before.

The Union of Young Farmers of Uzbekistan, the Union of Youth of Uzbekistan, together with the Small Grants Program of the Global Environment Facility, within the framework of the Youth Against Climate Change project, announces a competition.

What kind of competition?

Youth is a powerful force. There is much she can do to secure a safe, secure future for herself. But this requires neither more nor less change in the entire system of consumption, production, management of natural resources that affect the climate on the planet. And here the actions of each individual taken are important. Because there is no climate for one. The climate is common. And only general, collective actions will lead to its stabilization.

We want everyone to think about the climate, and everyone starts to change their behavior. In ordinary life. And for everyone to tell everyone, especially the adult generation, that if nothing is changed, perhaps the future generation will have nowhere to live, because climate change can easily kill humanity. Or make life miserable.

So, we appeal to every young man. This competition is for you! Become an example to your friends, neighbors, parents, brothers, and sisters.

Submit your applications for our competition and show what can be changed in our life, which will have a positive impact on climate stabilization - on reducing emissions. It can be anything:
- how you use or create energy
how you equip your house, street, city, so that it is convenient to use it in ways that eliminate or reduce greenhouse gas emissions;
- how you use water or land;
- how you feel about consumption.
And many many others.

Of course, before proposing anything, you have to learn a little about what climate change is.
Open the internet, dig, look, read. We will also try to create materials to help you with this. But the initiative is yours.

In fact, you need to offer something that many living nearby can easily repeat after you. And the easier and more people will repeat after you, the more we can all together reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This means preserving our climate.

We do not set any limits or frames. Your idea can be completely different. It could be some way of how you use the library or cafeteria at your institute or college, or a program/application on your phone, or a way to organize your delivery to your place of work or study, or something else. Anything. It could even be your suggestion to improve the heating or cooling system of your classroom or study or office, which will help you use less carbon fuel. In general, your imagination, your idea.

Anyone can submit their idea, with an eye on its further implementation. It should be something specific, easy to implement, and easy to scale by others, i.e. any other person or team or institution could easily and simply repeat the same thing.

Conditions of the competition

1. You can submit your idea individually or as a team. The team must be no more than 5 people. If you serve as a team, at least 1-2 girls must be in the team. Sorry, we also want girls to have equal rights and opportunities in our competition.
2. Competition for youth. Therefore, team members must be under 35 years old.
3. As already mentioned, the idea should be concrete, feasible, giving clear results on reducing emissions, and capable of replication among other people, organizations, communities;
4. You should make a simple video about your idea. According to your video, people will vote or not vote for your idea.

While working on an idea, you can consult with three mentors:

Pulat Salikhov + 998 98 128 46 26
Bekzod Kenzhaev + 998 97 146 08 48
Alexey Volkov + 998 93 381 00 82

They will prompt you, point out some unreal weak points in your idea, bring you down to Earth or, conversely, cheer you up. You'd better communicate with them via Telegram, but you can also call.
All entries will be judged by the jury on how well they meet the following criteria:
1. Applicability, realism, practicality;
2. The scale of the impact on the reduction of emissions;
3. Scalability, potential for replication by others - how can you make it repeatable by the largest number of people.
4. Creativity of the idea itself.

Half of the "weight" of the assessment will come from the jury, half - from open voting for ideas in social media. networks after the end of the competition.

6 winners will be selected - 2 for 1, 2 and 3 places.
All prize-winners will be given funds to further promote the implementation of their idea:
for the first (first 2) place (s) - by 2,000 dollars;
for the second (3rd and 4th) place (s) - by 1000 dollars;
for the third (5th and 6th) place - $ 500.

After the issuance of funds to promote the implementation of ideas, the selection of the best idea will be carried out in the fall of 2020.

All participants of the competition will be able to participate in the Youth Climate Forum, which will be held in Tashkent this fall.

In addition, all winners of the competition will receive a prize in the form of a prize dinner with the head of the UN system in Uzbekistan.
Applications can be submitted in free form, indicating team members, their contact numbers.

The deadline for applications is April 30, 2020.

Please send your applications to:
For questions, call this number:

(+998) 97 146 08 48

So go for it. We are waiting for your ideas.
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