The GEF Small Grants Programme

in Uzbekistan

Celebrating the Earth Day 2023 - #EarthRun

Every day you can hear here or there some news about the environment. Indeed, caring for the environment is becoming a pressing issue because the problem is growing. Unfortunately, despite all the measures taken, humanity is not coping with the problem of climate change: despite the introduction of "green" technologies, emissions from the vast majority of countries in the world are growing collectively, heating up our planet further and changing its climate. More and more wildlife is disappearing from the face of the earth. More and more ecological functions are declining and disappearing. There are fewer and fewer soils on our planet that can be considered healthy.

In other words, despite all the news and talks, humanity continues to live out of habit, in the old realities, as if we have several planets.

But we only have one planet. The starting point of the Earth Day holiday is marked in 1970, when people consumed exactly as much as the Earth produces in 1 year. It's not really a holiday though. This is just a day to remind all of us that we share one planet. Last year, 2022, the day of ecological debt, i.e. when people exhausted all the resources that our planet provides, on July 28. Every year this datecomes earlier and earlier. And now we consume every year as1.7 of Earthproduces.

There are even measurements for countries individually. Uzbekistan, in this respect, is in a much better position than many other countries. Our ratio of “how much our country's ecosystems produce and how much we consume” is quite good. But not because we are very responsible and protect our nature very well. It's just that nature has endowed us with a rich supply.

But we can't really relax. Earth Day is always celebrated to remind people that we are doing too little to save our planet. We can do more! We can do better! Each of us can do something good every day that will help savingour planet. We will give a list of small things that everyone can do to save the planet below, but for now


We decided to celebrate this Earth Day by attracting all people to such a wonderful leisure activity as running. We have become too much and too often relying on cars in everyday life, move less, walk less, run less. But it's so useful, so cool, and so fun.

Our main message this Earth Day is to drive less, run more, walk more, and use public transportation. Where you can go to the store, to the market, to work, go on foot, run. Do not be afraid of such distances as 2-3-4 km. It is really very little. And you will notice how your health will improve as soon as you start doing this.

And to show that it's really easy and simple, we're announcing the EarthRun 2023 Open Run.

So, our EARTHRUN 2023 race will take place


April 22, 2023, Earth Day

Registration - from 14:00

Start of the race - at 16:00


7 and 21 km


Location: 40.978727, 69.555467. Balgaly village, Akhangaran district, Tashkent region. Start at the hill, not far from the road. You will see many soaring paragliders on the hill. An additional geolocation will be sent to the group.


Anyone, ages 10 to 90, but...

Only those who have run at least one such race of 21 km in the past year are allowed to a distance of 21 km. The organizers reserve the right not to allow the participant to the maximum distance.

Children under 16 years of age can only take part in the 7 km race, provided that they are accompanied by a responsible adult throughout the route

How much?

The GEF SGP acted as the sponsor of the race and covered the organizational costs. Therefore, it was decided to transfer all the contributions of the participants to charitable foundations. This year we will help animal shelters. The money will go to their food and treatment.

It is necessary to transfer at least 100,000 soums (this is still a charitable contribution, so you can optionally pay more) to the account of one of the shelters. This will be considered payment for participation in the race.

We offer to help the 4 paws dog shelter this time, but you can choose any one from the list. The card number can be copied directly from here - 8600332961414921

You will find all the details for payment on the website using the links above, choose any method convenient for you. Also there you can see photos and profiles of animals that have not yet found their home. Everyone has a great chance to give a new life to a dog or cat that has been left without a home, without a family.

The organizers reserve the right to check your contributions. Children under 16 may not pay fees. But you need to send your full name. and the age of the child instead of proof of payment.

For your contribution, you are provided with:

  • Member license plate
  • Medal, in case of completion of the route
  • Water and snacks throughout the route
  • Support and control during the passage of the route from the organizing team
  • Cheerful mood and other goodies


The entire race is laid, prepared, conducted, technically organized by the ExtremeUzbekistan team, which organized the ParkentTrail race.

Previous Parkent Trail Marathon

The official organizer is the Federation of Extreme and Mountain Tourism of Uzbekistan, which is a grantee of our GEF Small Grants Program. Look what a beautiful project here.

Small financial support - from the GEF SGP.


Registration here.

After registration and payment to the shelter's account, a scan of the fee payment must be sent to this link in telegram. In the absence of a payment scan, your registration may be canceled by the team.

You can ask all questions about the race in the telegram group at this link.

How many people will run?

The first 99 people who register and pay the entry fee can take part.

Extra fun?

On the same day, the Federation will hold competitions for landing accuracy among paragliders. So you can come early in the morning. It will be interesting

So, register, participate, win.

There will be many pictures, and you will become an Internet star. If you win, of course.

P.S. In general, it will be great if you arrive at the venue either by bike, or by public transport, or using carpooling, i.e. clogging the car completely, cooperating with someone who is also driving. It's even more fun that way. Don't come alone in the same car. Don't drive the car empty. It's still Earth Day.

And here is the promised incomplete, small list of things that each of us, of you, can do every day to save our planet:

  1. Close the faucet, save water;
  2. Do not water asphalt just like that, only plants;
  3. Eat mostly vegetables and fruits produced by local producers, farmers. So you save a lot of emissions on transportation
  4. Take out the trash wherever possible. Join the plogger movement. These are those who collect garbage while walking or running somewhere.
  5. Print on both sides of the paper
  6. Use more sunlight than electricity.
  7. Reduce your meat intake. At least for a little. Meat = land degradation and greenhouse gas emissions = climate change
  8. If possible, switch to vegetarian days altogether, and whoever can, become vegetarians altogether
  9. Run, walk, bike, and use public transport as much as possible.
  10. Use your car less
  11. Don't throw away food. Don't buy too much and then throw it away. Go to the market with a list. This will help you not to overbuy.
  12. Use your own glasses, bottles, reduce the purchase of drinks in plastic containers
  13. Use less paper, recycle paper
  14. Take a shower instead of a bath. Preferably. And a quick shower.
  15. Forget the elevator - take the stairs
  16. Turn off all appliances when you do not need them: the computer at night, charging from the outlet, the light in the bath, and so on.
  17. Get and use a string bag
  18. turn off the light
  19. Plant a tree.
  20. It is advisable to try to separate the garbage and donate what can be recycled.
  21. Don't pick flowers. Plant it wherever you can. This is how you help pollinators survive.
  22. Don't hurt the birds. Feed in winter.
  23. Don't hate snakes. You see, don't touch. Go around. And in general, do not offend any wild animals
  24. Do not wash your bike in the river, and even more so the car. It is advisable to wash the car yourself, with water in a bucket. This way you use much less water.
  25. Don't leave trash anywhere. And don't quit. At a picnic, by the river, nowhere. Remember, people will come for you, and they will not be pleased to see a dirty lawn. Wouldn't you like that? Collect and throw in the garbage in the city. Better yet, pick up other people's trash. It will make you cleaner!
  26. Do not throw garbage into the water. Never! And don't throw anything dirty into the water. Other people use the water downstream
  27. Throw garbage only in the container.
  28. Do not break trees and bushes in the yard.
  29. Do not leave the fire unextinguished in nature.
  30. Do not destroy anthills, wasp nests, do not kill or disturb any insects. Insects perform an important function - pollination. Without them, people will die.
  31. Do not frighten, do not disturb, and even more so do not touch wild animals, if you meet any.
  32. And always think about other people - what will you leave for other people after yourself!