The GEF Small Grants Programme

in Uzbekistan

How to get our grant? - information sessions for civil society

At the request of members of the civil society, together with the State Committee for Ecology and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the National Movement "Yuksalish", we plan to hold informational meetings on how to receive a grant from our Programme.

Meetings will be held in the building of the State Committee for Ecology on August 10 (landmark - Novza metro station), and on August 11 in the conference hall of the OD "Yuksalish" (Poytakht business center on Sharaf Rashidov Street).

We will tell you in detail how we get our grant, conditions, criteria. Those who have already received our grant will speak at the meeting and give concrete examples of our projects. You can also ask any question.

Anyone can come to any of these sessions: August 10 or 11. In addition, the meetings will be broadcast on Zoom, and you can attend them remotely.

Below are the programs of these meetings.

We would really appreciate it if you could share this information with those who you think might be interested in sustainable development issues.

Program on August 10 at the State Ecology Committee

Program August 11 at OD Yuksalish