The GEF Small Grants Programme

in Uzbekistan

To the attention of farmers, owners of household plots and gardeners of Uzbekistan!

Dear friends, dear farmers!

Everyone who is engaged in agriculture, produces fruits and vegetables and creates new orchards know firsthand how difficult it is sometimes to grow something in conditions of water shortage or in years of low water. It is necessary to conserve and rationally use water not only because there is little of it, but also because with the amount of water that is mainly consumed in the country in the old-fashioned way - for irrigation by furrow irrigation or even worse - by flooding, it is possible to raise the crop in several times more if you use the same volume of water, but with the help of advanced irrigation technologies - drip irrigation systems (DRS). This approach has a tremendous effect not only in terms of saving and rational use of water, which is very important, but also in terms of economical use of mineral resources, and most importantly, this irrigation system prevents soil degradation and prevents salinization.

We would like to remind you friends of some of the advantages of introducing a drip irrigation system.

The main advantages of DIS:

  1. Almost the full amount of water used during irrigation reaches the rootstock of the seedlings. The efficiency of this technology reaches 90 percent! At the same time, the amount of used water is reduced by 2-5 times.
  2. The consumption of water and minerals necessary for plant growth reaches an optimal level. For any type of crops, a favorable water and nutrient regime of the environment is created.
  3. The quality and productivity of the grown crops is increased by 30-50%. Earlier ripening of the crop.
  4. Costs for the purchase of mineral fertilizers are reduced. The reason for this is the direct transportation of nutrient fluids to the zone of the plant root system. Saving mineral fertilizers by 30-40%.
  5. The need for the cost of protecting crops is eliminated. Micro-irrigation accompanies the direction of water exclusively to the rows - the planting line. Thus, the land between the rows remains dry and does not provide favorable conditions for weeds to grow. In addition, the foliage of each seedling remains dry, which prevents the development of diseases.
  6. The amount of energy costs is significantly reduced. The proposed method requires 50-70% less energy for the operation of pumps and for inter-row operations of equipment in comparison with other methods.
  7. There is no need to attract labor to work in the field. This becomes the key to reducing labor costs.
  8. Requirements for water supply systems are minimal.
  9. The option of irrigation is possible when the water supplied to the systems is mineralized. This type of water is unacceptable for other irrigation systems.
  10. The harm from the micro-irrigation system is minimal, or none at all. The system is very easy to use and does not require large installation and maintenance costs.
  11. The possibility of irrigation from local water sources (springs, rivers and lakes).

Thinking about the benefits of this technology? Then now is the time to start designing a new, perfect irrigation system for your farm.

To make your job easier, we decided to provide you with information about local manufacturers and suppliers of DIS. The same companies will make you a DIS design for your specific site, install and commission all equipment and systems. Below is a file with company contacts for your information.

Download file in Word format