The GEF Small Grants Programme

in Uzbekistan

We give grants to nature

The Global Environment Facility Small Grants Program (GEF SGP) in Uzbekistan is honored to announce an open call for grants 2021-2023.

The GEF SGP is an environmental program and provides grants for the demonstration and dissemination of specific technologies and practices that will help people use natural resources economically and environmentally sustainable. And at the same time receive benefits for your life. Our goal is to find and distribute technologies that benefit both people and nature. Win-win.

Drawing - Alexandra Povarich

But not easy to find. Further, through a project that we can support, demonstrate that such practices are truly viable and real.

Then it is necessary to disseminate information about such a practice as widely as possible, so that all people around them learn about it, about the benefits from it, and begin to repeat after those who demonstrated it. Thus, we hope that good technologies that are beneficial to both people and nature will begin to spread. And the more repetitions there are, the better nature will be preserved. So that people move away from existing practices that are harmful to nature and move on to practices that are beneficial to nature. We want such good practices to become "common", every day, and familiar to everyone. That it was in the order of things to work and live only in this way, without harming nature.

But it must be beneficial for people as well. Without benefit to people, nothing will happen! No practice and technology will live, no matter how environmentally friendly or environmentally friendly they are!

Our Program sets the following goals and therefore works in these areas:

  • to preserve biological diversity - to make sure that as many species of wild animals, valuable plant species, various ecosystems and eco-services as possible, for example, the protection and preservation of pollinators, are preserved in Uzbekistan. Also, great attention is paid to the protection of agrobiodiversity - varieties and forms of vegetables and fruits of Uzbekistan (not alien, namely, native Uzbek);
  • to reduce emissions of gases into the atmosphere, which are formed as a result of combustion of carbon fuels (greenhouse gases). By any means: renewable energy, energy efficiency, carbon sequestration in soil or trees, etc.
  • prevent deterioration of soil quality and restore its properties, where necessary. We conserve soils, promote the transformation of agro-landscapes into agroforestry landscapes
  • replace the use of chemicals in agriculture with alternative methods
  • promote cyclical economy
  • help cities become greener - transport, trees, urban development

We give grants only to non-governmental, non-profit organizations. The maximum grant is $ 50,000. You can find general questions about our grants on the page "Frequently Asked Questions"

We certainly have our own requirements. How the project starts and what criteria we present, you can find on the page "How to get our grant"

So, we are waiting for you to come up with an interesting idea and implement it, perhaps with our help. We are waiting for your applications.