The GEF Small Grants Programme

in Uzbekistan

We need your ideas - how to introduce one thought into the minds of people!

We have good news! Another tree planting project has been approved. We will demonstrate how to create energy plantations in the Jizzakh region, and we will work with residents living around the Nurata Nature Reserve to introduce the idea that every house, every yard can provide itself with firewood, simply by planting 5-10 firewoods every year. trees. But this is not enough!

How to get people to start planting trees to provide themselves with firewood? It is very difficult for something to become a habit, a tradition among people. And we are not experts in such a psychological problem.

Therefore, an appeal to everyone !!!

In general, problems of this kind require an extraordinary, creative solution. We need to do something, and what to do, we want to hear from you. We want you to give us your ideas. So,


People do not plant firewood for themselves, but cut down naturally growing vegetation - trees, shrubs.

When we published an article about "GROW FIREWOOD FOR YOURSELF!" But few have paid attention to the social consequences of vegetation loss. How much time children and women, namely, they, basically, are sent for firewood, spend on this activity, when they could spend this time more productively: on reading, communication, education, or just a more pleasant and easy fuss at home ?!

What do we want to achieve?

We want for every house in rural areas to become a routine habit of planting 5-10 trees every year for themselves for firewood, and that every household uses the firewood that they have especially grown for themselves. Or from similar energy plantations. But to stop cutting down naturally growing trees and shrubs.

What tools can the GEF SGP use to promote, implement, "drive" this habit into the heads and minds of people?

This is what we want to know from you. Write, call, speak. We want you to share your creative ideas.

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