The GEF Small Grants Programme

in Uzbekistan

You can become a member of the GEF SGP team! We are looking for volunteers

Once again, the term of work of the members of our National Coordinating Committee has expired. We select new members. And you can become part of our team. Let's take a closer look at this.

What is the GEF SGP?

If you are on this site, you probably do not need to explain to you what the Global Environment Facility Small Grants Program is. We support projects of people, communities, which in one way or another are aimed at preserving the environment, and at reconciling the development of human society with the preservation of nature. Our main mission is to show individual practices and technologies of how you can do something, produce, live, earn good money, and at the same time protect nature.

What is the committee where we are looking for people?

To ensure impartial and effective work, all strategic decisions in the Program are made by a collegiate - independent committee, which consists of completely different people who are well versed in the subject. This committee - it is fully called the "National Coordinating Committee" - comes together to decide which projects to approve and which to reject, where to move the program in Uzbekistan, what to pay attention to, and so on. And in order for the committee to work, we need people. The composition of the committee is renewed every 3 years.

Who do we need on the committee?

We. of course, we are looking for people who are not indifferent to environmental problems, and how it will be in our country in the future. We are looking for people with an active citizenship.

If you are active, strive for creation, think about the welfare of the country and the preservation of the nature of Uzbekistan, then you will be perfect for us. If, you yourself want it.

It must be said right away that these are volunteer positions, i.e. not paid.

The GEF SGP does small but concrete things to preserve the nature of the country - fertile soil, water, energy and wildlife of the native country. We promote new technologies and practices for handling natural resources. You can find out about our work from our website.

For the last 4 years, we have been doing a great deal of focus on working with agricultural landscapes. There are many explanations for this:

  • very large areas occupied by agriculture;
  • very large natural resources expended in this particular area;
  • a large scope for changing and scaling good practices - everyone is doing fairly homogeneous actions, and if you achieve a change in some action, then others will repeat, and this can seriously change the approach and damage to natural resources;
  • and many other reasons.

But this does not mean that we are only doing this. In general, our strategic goals are aimed at conserving soil, water, energy and biodiversity in our country as a whole. I think that in the next period, we will have a lot of work on urban forest management, and the recycling economy, and much more.

How does the committee work, where are we looking for people, or what will need to be done?

For those who are not familiar with the mechanism of the committee, a short introduction is needed. The very mechanism of work of the Small Grants Program of the Global Environment Facility (GEF SGP) is very simple and effective. And the Committee plays a major and very important role in this mechanism. In fact, the Committee will provide strategic guidance to the Program. Therefore, we need people who are very active, thinking, able to express their point of view, and able to substantiate it. It is the members of the Committee who decide which technologies and practices need to be supported, and it is the Committee who determines what benefits the Program can bring to the country and its nature.

Below are 2 visual diagrams of how our Program works, which will be useful and interesting to see and study. It is very important to look at them in order to understand the role of the Committee. She is key. It is the Committee that makes decisions on projects.


I must say right away that this is a job that requires investment of time and mind. But this free work is your contribution to the well-being and prosperity of your own country.

Therefore, if you have a desire to devote part of your time to this business, and you do not demand anything in return, you want to help free of charge, then we will be glad to see you. There is a lot of work, but unfortunately, there is no payment.

Most likely, this announcement is for already established people who have their own source of income, and they can devote part of their time to the public good. Or for enthusiasts who understand the importance of nature conservation at all costs and do not require payment for their efforts. From this work you can only get deep moral satisfaction from the fact that you are doing something important and necessary for the country.

To make it clear how long it will take and how long it may take, you need to communicate a few points:

  • usually, communication with committee members takes place by e-mail, telephone or Telegram. An idea or a finished project comes up, and the National Coordinator sends them to all committee members. A member of the Committee will need to allocate time to read, think and express their opinions, doubts, questions about projects and ideas.
  • when the projects are ready, as soon as they are ready, the Committee meets live, and at the meeting, through a simple, open discussion, discussion and decision-making on each project takes place.
  • Once a year, it will be necessary to set aside several days for a monitoring visit on projects. Sometimes it can be just separate trips for 1-2 days for separate projects.
  • You may also need to participate in various events organized by the GEF SGP or where the Program takes part.


The Small Grants Program of the Global Environment Facility (GEF SGP) in Uzbekistan announces the next competition for the vacant (unpaid) positions of the members of the National Coordinating Committee.

According to our rules, each committee member serves on the committee for a maximum of 3 years. Then we have to announce re-election.

In addition to doing the tremendous day-to-day work of the Committee to review and approve projects, the Committee also plays the following roles:

The members of the committee serve as a kind of "agents" of the GEF SGP. They promote the ideas of the GEF SGP, disseminate information about our technologies and practices, and the possibilities of the GEF SGP for potential grantees. People can turn to them for help to clarify incomprehensible details about the program, ask for advice on how to correctly formulate the goals and objectives of the project. Of course, for this, the members of the committee themselves must know everything very well about the program.

Committee members during their normal activities should look for options to attract partners and donors for the implementation of current or planned projects.

Committee members review the performance of the entire program. Once a year, committee members go on a monitoring trip to the GEF SGP projects. Trust me, everyone will learn a lot from such trips. it so expands the horizons and understanding of how people live and what is important for people now.

The selection of committee members is carried out by the UN Resident Representative in Uzbekistan and the GEF SGP headquarters in New York on the proposal of the Program Manager.

With this announcement, we announce a competition to fill the vacant posts of Committee members.

At the request of the GEF, the majority of the Committee members should be from the non-governmental sector. Those. committee members should not be serving in the Government structure. Members are allocated from the Government to the Appointment Committee. Now we are looking for people from the non-governmental sector.

What is required of candidates for Committee membership? It has already been said above what fundamental criteria are imposed on candidates. We can summarize them a bit here.


It is advisable that you are an accomplished, successful person in life, who understands the importance of devoting at least part of your time for social good, without waiting for payment.

Of course, you must understand the general concepts of why and for what it is necessary to conserve natural capital;

You must have an active civic position, you must show that you want and can create;

You don't have to work for a government structure;

It is desirable that you have a higher education - it can be argued, but basically this is not a bad indicator of the level of a person's general knowledge;

Knowledge of the Russian language, because the working language of the committee is Russian

In order to apply for a position on our committee, you just need to state in your own words why you think you will become a good member of the Committee and how you can be of benefit in this capacity. Explain in your small essay so that you can clearly and clearly understand that you are suitable for this position, based on the criteria and expectations that we described above.

We would be equally pleased to see applications from youth, business, women, academics, civil society members and others. There are no particular restrictions.

We will also need your biography (resume) separately in order to understand what kind of "baggage" and experience you have.

Such an application with a description of your interest, a description of your candidacy, together with the attached resume, must be sent by e-mail by March 31, 2020 to the address: or brought and hand over in a sealed envelope to the address: Tashkent, 100029, st. Taras Shevchenko 4, UNDP Office in Uzbekistan. It is better to put a note "for the GEF SGP in Uzbekistan" on the envelope.

More detailed information about job responsibilities, requirements can be obtained by sending a request with your questions to or by calling: + 998 71 120 34 62; + 998 93 381 00 82 (mobile, telegram).

We really hope that we will soon have a new team of friendly and caring people. We are waiting for your applications.