The GEF Small Grants Programme

in Uzbekistan

And again about biogas: now for heating a school and greenhouse in Namangan province

A new GEF SGP project on dissemination of biogas technology in Uzbekistan is kindly presented for your attention. As you may know, GEF SGP, as one of its aims attempts to put one demonstration biogas installation in each province of Uzbekistan. It is necessary for every farmer of each province to have one example of working installation. Such demonstration installations encourage eliminating a mistrust regarding a practical use and workability of biogas technology and its real opportunity to serve as an alternative of energy supply for rural production live.

In this case, such installation will be constructed in Namangan province.

The project is aimed at construction of demonstration installation which will supply greenhouses with gas. Currently, greenhouses are heated by quiet inefficient stoves with firewood.
stoves that heat greenhouses

Retrieved gas will also be used for heating of a nearby school and provide it with electricity received from produced biogas.

We will be glad if you can introduce with the project and will disseminate information about it.
Contacts of project team you can kindly find in the project application below:

project application
project budget

We present to your attention a business plan for the construction of a biogas plant with a reactor volume of 50 m3. This business plan was developed by our partners - specialists from NGO KRASS. You can use this plan to build an installation of the size you need. To do this, you just need to replace some numbers in the calculations.

download business plan

download a table with model calculations for a business plan