The GEF Small Grants Programme

in Uzbekistan

April 22 - How cool was our Earth Day 2023

The race that we announced earlier in honor of Earth Day went just great. Everything was wonderful. The day was wonderful, the weather was great.

The organizers - the #ExtremeUzbekistan team - perfectly prepared everything. Many thanks to the volunteers and organizers for the highest level of preparation.

Here are the results of the run:

Overall standings 21 km

1st place - Rafael Zinurov - 1:44:00

2nd place - Artur Shaipov - 1:58:07

3rd place - Timur Shafikov - 1:59:31

Women's classification 21 km

1st place - Marina Volkova - 2:17:43

2nd place - Albina Avagyan - 2:33:35

3rd place - Olga Kamentseva - 2:45:00

Overall standings 7 km

1st place - Alexey Korzh - 0:40:23

2nd place - Alisher Radjabov - 0:40:25

3rd place - Nodir Mirzakasimov - 0:40:45

Women's classification 7 km

1st place - Olesya Nemtsova - 0:48:00

2nd place - Maria - 0:49:10

3rd place - Victoria Volnukhina - 0:50:50

We will not write much. Better see a selection of photos that were taken by various participants on this day.

Many thanks to the partners and sponsors of the race. You are amazing, thank you for supportingsuch great initiatives.

Thank you:

Family Group for providing drinks to all participants throughout the EarthRun

Eco café-for snacks for participants

Mayeri - for prizes to the winners

Rider Shop - for discount cards for winners and all participants

We would like to remind all about the opportunity to help homeless pets in shelters. The website offers the opportunity to adopt a pet from ashelter or provide targeted assistance to shelters. Please be informed that the fees for participation in the race were fully transferred to the accounts of shelters for homeless animals. All help went through the project website

Watch the photos and the videos and enjoy.