The GEF Small Grants Programme

in Uzbekistan

Energy plantations and briquetting for Kanlikul residents

How can people supply themselves with energy? Just. Plant firewood. Or produce them. The project in the Kanlykul region aims to do just that - to show people and small businesses how to produce a valuable product for sale and their own consumption. Produce energy in the form of firewood and fuel briquettes.

The project will have several components:

1. Build and run a briquette shop at the local MTP, which will produce fuel briquettes from organic waste and sell them to people. In fact, the idea is that briquettes can replace the firewood that is now obtained from cutting down trees. The scale of deforestation is catastrophic.

2. Calculate how profitable this business is and offer it for copying to any businessmen of the area. You can create a lot of such workshops, and businessmen can earn money on the production of fuel briquettes. And the more briquettes will be produced, the more trees will be saved from cutting down, and the more people will earn. Such a fuel shop should become just a business model that can be copied by any interested businessman.

3. Plant 16 hectares of fuel plantations that will grow "firewood". This is a continuation of our theme "Plant firewood yourself!". Again, this will be a model for businessmen and just any villagers who can repeat such plantations and grow firewood either for themselves, thus saving their own money that each household spends on buying firewood, or growing firewood for sale to others, which can easily become a money-making mechanism. The main message here is not to cut somewhere illegally, but to plant them yourself. It's very simple and you can actually grow a lot of wood for sale. Plant, and save the forest around, and earn honest money.

4. On the basis of MTP there will be a small workshop that will produce briquette presses for households. Any household can buy such a small press and produce at home fuel briquettes from organic residues, which are always in short supply in rural homes. Again - saving firewood and, accordingly, money for their purchase.

More or less like this. Meet, comment.

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