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Greenhouse without heating - is it real?

A huge amount of coal and gas is spent in our country for heating greenhouses. When there is no gas, and this happens often, greenhouse owners buy firewood, which is cheaper than coal. There is a whole industry of those who cut wood. Here in Uzbekistan, where trees should be worth their weight in gold when they are so difficult to grow, uncontrolled logging will lead to horrific consequences in the future. Whoever cuts down living trees does not even think about the functions that they produce, they do not understand the damage they cause to all of us. A good example was given on the site - large trees were cut down throughout Tashkent, the level of groundwater began to rise, flooding many buildings. No one, of course, thought about the function of trees as "biological pumps". And this is just one example. Trees are very important, especially in a hot climate like ours. Soon they may not be left at all.

But this is a digression. Now about our question. Indeed, we consume too much fuel. When the fuel is used to heat greenhouses, there is a question of the country's food security. But Uzbekistan now spends too much energy per unit of production, which puts the country in a very unfavorable position, because now our economy is very dependent on energy resources. When our energy resources are depleted, we will be in a not very favorable situation.

The government's work on low-carbon development has already begun. We can mention at least one of our fraternal "big" projects - the UNDP Project to support Uzbekistan on the path of low-carbon development. This project, together with us, has already opened 2 training centers in the country for biogas technology - in Urgench and Syrdarya. You can read their publication on biogas - "Biogas: 11 Steps to Goal" in our Energy Publications section.

The GEF SGP is also doing its little work. Now, at the initiative of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan and the UNDP project "Business Forum of Uzbekistan", we offer you a project to promote energy efficient greenhouses. This is a simple design, which has not yet received any widespread use in Uzbekistan. We hope that with the help of our project this gap will be filled.

This is a greenhouse facing strictly south, on the north side and sides - an adobe wall. The south side is facing the sun. It is she who heats the greenhouse in the cold period. the heat accumulated during the day can be saved by covering the greenhouse with a thermal blanket. When the temperature drops, in order to keep it inside the greenhouse, a thermal blanket is opened from above. The thermo blanket is made of a multi-layer insulating material that can be easily rolled into a roll during the day.

Visualization of the principle of using a thermal blanket. However, in this case there are no thermally insulating walls on three sides. For a photo of the solar-heated greenhouse we are talking about, see the design document below.

This type of greenhouse can be a good help for household plots. After all, it is on household plots that 90% of food products in Uzbekistan are produced.

We bring to your attention the project. You can give your comments, recommendations, questions here, on the project page. As always, we invite you to comment on our Facebook page as well.

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