The GEF Small Grants Programme

in Uzbekistan

The GEF SGP team in Uzbekistan is pleased to announce the start of a series of workshops on agroforestry

Hurry up! The Global Environment Facility Small Grants Programme in Uzbekistan with the support of UNDP in Uzbekistan and cooperation of the Youth Union and the Council of Young Farmers of Uzbekistan from April 23 to May 7, will hold workshops on the following date and areas:

April 23 - Khorezm region
April 24 - to the Republic of Karakalpakstan
April 26 - Namangan region
April 29 - Samarkand region
April 30 - Bukhara region
May 1 - Surkhandarya region
May 6 - Syrdarya region
May 7 - Tashkent city
The start time of the workshops is at 10:00. Do not be late ;)
In this regard, we invite all farmers, entrepreneurs, as well as specialists of agriculture and forestry in our country to take an active part in these events.

The topic of the event is devoted to agroforestry which is about an organization combined agriculture and forestry in Uzbekistan
In these occasions you will obtain information how relevant is introduction new technologies and methods in Uzbekistan, in particular, to create agroforestry, etc. You will also receive information about the GEF SGP and its activities, projects and grants in Uzbekistan. If you have interesting ideas, you can discuss them with us during the event.
Dear readers, we kindly ask you to call the contacts below and sing up for workshops.

Khorezm region
(99) 965-55-47
Republic of Karakalpakstan
(99) 955-02-46
Namangan region
(99) 324-90-12
Samarkand region
(99) 595-74-55
Bukhara region
(91) 400-91-74
Surkhandarya region
(99) 678-36-85
Sirdaryo region
(99) 476-32-71
Tashkent city
(99) 858-54-88

The GEF SGP team in Uzbekistan