The GEF Small Grants Programme

in Uzbekistan

The new system of heating the greenhouse in Tashkent Botanical Garden

Let us say at once - we have already had a similar project with the greenhouse of the Samarkand University. The project was successful. It would seem, at first glance, running the same project wouldn't make sense. If not for the uniqueness of the object.

The funding greenhouse of the Institute of the gene pool of plants and animals Uzbek Academy of Sciences (greenhouse, greenhouse and laboratory complex) contains the largest composition of species and diversity unparalleled in Central Asia with the collection of tropical and subtropical plants (more than 800 species, many of which are rare and are not found in natural habitats).

For many decades on the basis of greenhouse scientific-educational and practical work has been conducted aimed at the implementation and plant conservation - of the representatives of the tropical and subtropical flora, production and implementation of interior landscaping of the most promising types of plants with increased resistance to local conditions, elevated sanitizers and other useful properties. On the basis of the greenhouse research is conducted, students have practical trainings and prepare diploma works on their speciality - botany, the introduction of plants, plant physiology, ecology, and others. There are guided tours for visitors to the Botanical Garden, a lot of work is being done to teach people to love nature and plants and environmental literacy.

The project initiated by the Environmental Resource Center «EKOMAKTAB» Tashkent is aimed at the reconstruction and modernization of the heating system of the funding greenhouse Institute of the gene pool of plants and animals Uzbek Academy of Sciences with using energy-efficient technologies. Currently, the greenhouse is in a deplorable state. Every winter, the plants die. In the winter from 2011 to 2012, more than 500 unique species died due to lack of adequate heating. Although a huge amount of fuel had been spent. But the heating system does not work, the effectiveness of the insulation is minimal. Plants are dying.

With the support of the GEF SGP and the joint efforts of employees of the greenhouse and Environmental Resource Center, this problem will soon be solved. And not far off the day when a unique greenhouse with its magnificent inhabitants again will open its doors and will delight the guests with playing in unprecedented colours, surprising them with unprecedented forms and the smelling scents of their flowering.

We suggest to familiarize with the project document and the budget of the proposed project:

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